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  1. ... ever been stalked by a mod? O_o ;-))

  2. ... oh, I messed up the link, sorry :blush:

  3. ... und irgendwann geb ich auch mal direkt zu, dass Du recht hast. Aber gez noch nicht *grins*

  4. 6 years? You're a tough one! :-)

  5. Aaalso, Moschino mag ich sehr. Armani hat sch

  6. Aaaw, shame on me, I missed your birthday, hon! So much love and my best wishes be-lated, sistaaa! :kiss:

  7. Aaaw, thank you so much, Baron! I was just kidding of course, but this was the nicest thing somebody said about me ever! :beam:

  8. Aaaw, thank you, honey :kiss:

  9. Actually I'm in Germany - in Deutschland itself so to say :-)

  10. Ah, I just realized you need to approve comments, I thought I wrote to much in the first comment coz it didn't show up *hihi

  11. Ah, well, let Jurgen have his little joys, he's a eunuch and doesn't have anything else to do anymore ... :-))

  12. Am I so predictable? :lol:

    Glad you liked it, dear! :hugs:

  13. And you did good by opening a thread for her! I guess her look's just not commercial enough to be a big hit at BZ ...

  14. Bestimmt! Die FashionWelt ist klein :-)

  15. Boh, wie scheisse sieht die Marcia-Alte denn in dem Kleid aus? Is ja nich zu fassen! Und die Longoria geht auch mal wieder nich, n

  16. Contrary to what you said I feel like having multiple mes ... they're all me though, I'm not thinking of different persons! More like the different aspects of my personality: the knowitall-Mel, the daft-Mel, the one that always forget things, they go all under my last name though :-) ... I guess a psychiatrist would have fun with me!

  17. Danke sehr for the congrats, Baron :kiss: :kiss: Just saw it!

  18. Date, ne? Wir, ne? Morgen, ne? Ach, nee, is ja schon heute ... is auch wieder spaet, Do! Und ich muss noch mit dem Koeter, achachach, warum bleib ich nur immer im Netz haengen ... seufz! Naja, machse nix! Bis spaeter, ne! FREU *schmmmmack

  19. DaumendrueckDaumendrueckDaumendrueckDaumendrueckDaumendrueckDaumendrueck

  20. Der Film war echt Grotte! But it was nice to be with my girls :-)

  21. Do, de Artikel, ne! Dat is ja schon wie Weltherrschaftsvision, ne! Sollen die mal Barb und Jen nach vorne bringen! Do, dat erkl

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