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  1. Just stalked your deviantart page, wow you're so talented! Keep up the good work hun and good choice of subject :p Carol Brandao all the waaaay! :D x

    1. antoinetteda


      Thank you :))

      Carol is my favorite model for artwork. I just love her eyebrows. ;)

  2. Love Diego Bonita!! Nice choice there Liika ;)

    1. liika



      im recently obsessed with him,even watching ''underemployed''tv series cuz of him :D

  3. Thanks its fine I just felt like why if u don't like her go into the thread to say all that stuff as I never go to the threads of people I don't like and ruin it for the people that do go there. Thats all. Anyways lets just leave it be :)

  4. Love your avatar :) is it from a film or something?

  5. Aww wow thank you! That was a nice surprise to see that as I haven't been on in ages :D many thanks oh and hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year :)

  6. Heya, just did some research and the last picture u posted with braids is from Patachou S/S 2004 :D

    HQs are here:


  7. a slightly more slower start but now is killing it :p

  8. I know that girl is walking all over regular runway veterans at the moment :O shes only 16 and the success shes having is insane lol I don't think even Ana Beatriz and other really successful models were able to book that many top designers in their first few seasons on a continual basis, maybe some here and there but Nyasha books the best work consistently :) same with Sui He, though she had

  9. Michael, you're awesome! :D have a good day :)

  10. Nice choices :) mine are at the moment Sui He, Dinara Chetyrova, Anais Mali, Nyasha Matonhoze, Nur Hellmann and Lucette van Beek :p check out their threads sometime when you get a chance, you might like some of them.

  11. No probs, thanks for visiting mine (though there isn't much to see on mine) :p how're you? Any particular models you're a fan of? :)

  12. Ok. No guarantees but I will test it out and try :)

  13. No probs :) I do sometimes use image hosting sites but I find uploading them and posting them to forums takes way too much time and I agree they do look better than attachments but I'm too lazy to go through that process :p

  14. Happy birthday hun :) hope u have a good one!

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