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  1. Hello, Now, I'm not too sure if she's really a model or not. Figured I would give it a shot. Thanks in advance. Please click on image to enlarge.
  2. Just realised the other day that the ;-D logo is a winking face. Always wondered why the models winked or had one eye covered.....then it hit me. I can be so slow at times.
  3. Did he REALLY cheat on her or is this just rumours. Who would be more desirable than Miss Lima? Unless he preferred blondes.
  4. Who is he? Thanks in advance. Wonderful Andrej in the background.
  5. I notice Coco's editorials and all other non-candid photo's have been quite boring for the past year or so. She needs to work with better/more imaginative photographers. Perhaps this is the industry 'punishing' her for being so out spoken about the fashion world.
  6. That must be sooooo surreal seeing yourself; not only blown up but as the main attraction.
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