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  1. I didn't see Irina posting about it neither But you shouldn't expect Adriana to do that when she never even do that for VS. She is not gonna post a 2 second clip of herself. When eventually a longer clip will be released and she can share that
  2. Adriana posted GOOD NEWS about the vaccine and how it will allow for her to be able to go to brazil again on her story. Everybody can calm the hell down now lol. Even though we already figured because she went to italy already. People can like a post of their friend and have their own minds as well.
  3. I am not. Its a bigger deal than some of the other models they have shown and we all know why You save stuff like that for last. You don't release it early
  4. All I know is, people aren't pleased about hearing that Gisele is the only brazilian there. Alot of people are mentioning ale and adriana
  5. And Gisele is still the only brazilian on the list for the met. Thats my point. Alessandra def would be there if she actually was invited. She is in the same state as Adriana when it comes to the met. The years she go is off and on, and she has went far less compared to someone like Gisele. I just don't think its always models choices. Just like its not their choices whether they get a Vogue US cover or not. Like I said, THIS is why people want someone like Ana out. Her decisions suck most of the time and trust me she has something to do with it as well.
  6. I think its not always as easy as people think, especially as you get older. Like not even ALESSANDRA is going this year and she has attended some in the later years as Adriana did. She also was at nyfw and we all know Ale wouldn't pass the met up. But obviously she ain't on the list neither. I do think certain fashion directors bare more responsibility for some things
  7. Right. This is why people are sick of Ana and want her gone. Its fucking ridiculous. Her judgement of models suck
  8. Sienna too! Feels like it was just yesterday Adriana walked the VS fashion show 2012 right after having her.
  9. I don't see whats the problem with this team? They do the exact same thing as the previous one
  10. But Adriana def got rid of her old team before she even met this guy, it was around 2020 for sure. For all you guys know it could have been the other way around and they met through that guy. Adriana has dated too many other men who required a publicist and not once did she ever decided to leave hers for theirs. Adriana doesn't do things like that. You all don't know the full story about when she replaced her old team nor why but she BEEN left her previous team
  11. On a positive note, she has been pretty tan lately, I am so glad to finally see that! A tan really suites her
  12. Well her honesty did make impact
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