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  1. Do not Comment here. PM me or find my thread in the talk forum.

    1. de souza lima

      de souza lima

      My Professional name a model is Pamela Lima, My full name is Pamela Tamires de Souza Lima and not Pamela Dos Santos Lima as u said in one of ur post. there is another brazillian model called Pamela dos Santos, but dont confuse her with me. You put the name of my international agencies in your post beside Modellink Gothenberg

      Unique Models Copenhagen

      Le Management Arhaus

      You are using my pictures and name of brands are worked with. I got very mad when I saw it! please fix i...

  2. you have not once commented on a model who is an editorial model. other than the fact she's blonde she doesn't fit in your motif.

  3. the picture in my avi is Lauren Mellor.

  4. keep an eye out on annelot's thread :)

  5. i found stuff on on Farbo and Hadar

  6. i understand. i like clickable thumbnails too

  7. i will try to find more on Liraz but sometimes i forget so just remind me.

  8. everytime i see ur avi i think she is flipping me off. lol

  9. liza golden's thread has been updated. thought you might want to know.

  10. thanks for visiting marcellas thread.

  11. check out Asha Leo. i think you would like her.

  12. i have updated lauren mellor, olivia garson,violet budd, natalie suliman, leandri snyman. enjoy

  13. funny you should say that because i changed my avatar and it didn't take. lol

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