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  1. Love your Lana set. Im loving her music so much! <3

    1. katchitup


      Thanks :) I love her music so much too....blue jeans just goes on and on in my head :p OH and I forgot I followed you on tumblr...you followed me back :p Its foreverbeautifulthings.tumblr :)

    2. DanniCullen


      ^Ahh, blue jeans and national athem are my favs!! Also dark paradise! :p And yes, I saw! I really need to go on tumblr more. :/ lol.

    3. katchitup


      dark paradise I haven't heard yet...I'll have to listen to that one ;)

  2. Hey, haven't seen you here in awhile. How are things? :)

    1. sarnic


      Really good! How about you? That's Erika in your avi right? She is gorg :o

    2. DanniCullen


      Yes, its Erika! Seriously.. Her Barbara like features are UNREAL! :o And im good thanks, you? :D

  3. Oh hun! Your set is just gorgeous! <3 And so glad you came to the Xenia side! :D

    1. Clauds


      Thanks, that's my Top #5 for this year's VSFS. As for Xenia, she's amazing, I'm praying she got a spot in SI for 2013

    2. DanniCullen


      I hope so too! :D If not then maybe 2014! Haha <3

  4. Happy Birthday. :)

    1. daharsh


      I cannot log in to my original account (daharsh). May you please allow me to reset my password. Thank you.

  5. :O WOW. Amazing set!

  6. Hi, I have updated most of your recent threads. :)

  7. Lolol. O_o I see your point. Your avi is funny.. Sorta. o.o

  8. Lol. You too! ;)

  9. No, not at the moment. Thanks for asking though.

  10. I know, right? She's very pretty. <3'

  11. Sleeping.... again? LAZY! xD

  12. That's classed as spam? O_e

  13. :O AMAZING NEW SET, HUN. <3 Haha.

  14. Okay.. *-* You just need to stop with the amazing Avi's you make, seriously. I can't handle them. lol

  15. Lovely Av & Sig. Nina is very pretty. :] I rated you 5 *

  16. Aw, ty. <3 Your good at making avi's. :p

  17. Aw, then I'am the first. So... Only I get to call you that. >:D

  18. Thanks hun. <33' You too. Have you tried making your siggys with Pixlr? It's really good, sometimes when I don't want to use Photoshop I use it. lol. :D

  19. Today was my last exam. :D YAY!

  20. Aw, no problem. I'm great thanks. :) Glad you doing good. :3

  21. Haha, and thanks. Models with dark hair, and light eyes beat models with light hair/light eyes. lol

  22. Well, it's like.. AMAZING. You need your own thread too.. that way you can share your Photoshop skills. lol

  23. Genevieve Pantano. :D She is GAWGUS and looks like Megan.

  24. I love your Av.. Antonia is amazing. <3' & Is that you in your Personal Photo? Your SO pretty. :)

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