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  1. I've always liked this brief piece
  2. Vanlife checklist: 1. High priced, mint condition, vintage VW bus. 2. Crew to build inside of vintage VW. 3. Top shelf, over priced clothing, (Patagonia, Fjallraven) 4. All the newest vegan food. 5. Avocado toast 6. Top notch computer equipment to spread our message of peace and to sell our janky ass merch 7. And finally a dime piece to pimp out on the thumbnails. Time to sit back and watch the money roll right in. Hahahaha
  3. criticizing "van life" subculture on youtube (looking at you Rachel Cook!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp6T83rUNCt_iqtDelwSHNA/videos
  4. ar collection: 2019 pany more from the lingerie and clothing collections: Quote
  5. I enjoy traveling to Japanese gardens and festivals in New York, especially now with the cherry blossoms. Among the Asians there (mostly Japanese) there are biracial couples that are nearly always a white guy and an asian woman. I rarely see an Asian guy with a white women. ....white guy gets the korean beauty- rarely have I seen the opposite and I know why :
  6. {name}

    Joker (2019)

    for me, Jim Caviezel is the most "christ-like" actor
  7. ODELS LA 2019 Quote Quote source: models.com ELS NY
  8. ^ Their asses are getting bigger and bigger every time I see them...
  9. Somehow in a real competitive fight or a real fight he would probably dodge a lot of blows and get away very easily but imho have problems doing a knock-out with his blows being all jabs to a heavy-weight boxer.
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