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  1. no, you're not taking her out of my bed!!! she stays!!
  2. It would be interesting to see SJW complain about the health sacrifices that are needed to be made by male models. In order to look like this, one has to consume hundreds of grams of protein every day, put great stress on joints/muscles, spend many hours a week being a gym rat, and overall risk health complications later in life: I guess it's not "manly" enough to complain about this idiotic standard
  3. https://www.instagram.com/lottamaybelake/?hl=en
  4. Yennifer is supposed to have everlasting love with Geralt . Things keep tearing each other apart and they get back together again and again. However, I find her personality in the game to conflict with this loyalty- she is the type that constantly finds things to criticize about her man. To me that's seeds for disloyalty. From what I've heard (I am strongly familiar with the game but never read the books)- the canon romance is with Yennifer. Yennifer in the books also sacrificed herself in some ways for Geralt. Trish is supposed to be different than the game Triss. Instead of being a mid-western woman Triss does some shady and creepy things to get Geralt to stick around with her. Further along in the game is Shani, who was in the original Witcher. She's another love interest. my favorite romance/sex scene in the game is with Keira LOL despite her being a fling for Geralt. I like Shani's/Yennifer's romance/sex stuff too. I like Ciri too.
  5. Sorry to hear My grandaunt also has Dementia. She was once a schoolteacher like my granduncle but tragically, she lost her mind by late middle age. My granduncle stood by her and never abandoned her.
  6. That seems to be the case. I got confused as a while ago I read an article that said that it was about Robert's Rebellion. There are supposedly 5!! prequels that are trying to be made...that's more than a bit ambitious.
  7. so am I (eg. Robert's Rebellion) but I anticipate some problems- the original GOT is seared in my head, and everybody's elses- so the older versions of Eddard Stark, Robert B., Greyjoy etc. are what I think of with these characters. If the younger versions of theses characters are nothing like their classic counterparts then there would be a problem in coherence.
  8. ^ cute. She has a very handsome dog. Is she a Stark woman?
  9. The Game of Thrones prequel has begun filming. IMHO I don't know what to make of it; besides Naomi Watts (lead) the rest are young unknowns. Who cares about the WW now?
  10. on a side note, the lack of a modern, well researched and authoritative series on the Normandy campaign has always bothered me. The publishing market is awash with junk books about normandy of low historical value and of a very superficial nature. In reality the good material can be found, but only by reading many dozens of books that cover individual aspects in detail, and then the student has to form a mosaic of all the sources & put it all together. It's a lot of work that could have been circumvented if there was a series that integrated all the information in a few thousand pages.
  11. I prefer blondes to both.. Yennifer is better looking to me. She's basically Kate Beckinsale and even the voice actress sounds like her. Personality/coupling wise Triss would probably make a better mother and more steady partner for Geralt due to being a lot sweeter. Kate would be a lot more fun as a lover due to her challenging nature & wit but also more disloyal and more demanding. do you like Ciri and the blonde witch?
  12. Not saying that (about pizzart), I've always found the idea that this woman was somehow destined for great success and her lack of it was due to her character to be rather presumptuous. She's done more than most models and if she is "scraping the bottom of the barrel" in order to have something going on- better than nothing- then that's how things are. The other choice is oblivion.
  13. brie larson is not pretty enough to be Captain Marvel
  14. to her credit she's still being photographed/interviewed (has acted in minor roles) and has something going on- kind of impressive given that she doesn't have any special talent except for her looks. Think of the countless models that have completely disappeared. I guess she's far more persistent than most?
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