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  1. You Playing D3 much?

    1. Prettyphile


      I've been playing Diablo slowly. There's only so much of that game I can take before I want to hit something

  2. Ya more then likely <_< weekends I'm pretty good but not this weekend

  3. Haha I know :hug: I'm just bugging ya I miss ya that's all I know you're really busy as am I :P but you're still around when needed but anyways hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi back *poke* *poke* *poke* and I talked to Pheno yesterday :P

  4. You ma'am quit this anti skype thing/anti computer! I have stories and what not for you + Panda's soon :D but I will pm you soon with a bunch of stuff once the whole forum stops spamming with this silly thing :p or you can pm me ur email? O_O

  5. @Pretty why you no say hi anymore?!?! Meany :p

    @Ophelia I usually play at 10pm-2am pacific, and 8am pacific -12pm that's when I'm around and not working usually

  6. About the whole LMS thing? Uhh okay I can pm you later I'm @ work now okee? :)

  7. When they're on yes which isn't much :p

  8. That's fine :D as long as ur back :p

  9. I'm still on lightninghoof but only cause our new guild is there


  11. I was playing all morning til it crashed again :( add me on there!

  12. Oh well don't really care if people take online friendship on a fashion forum above everything else clearly they have issues.

  13. Have i got stories for you.... And you thought the people at my old job were bad..

  14. u should atleast be on skype one time before then :P we must catch up

  15. Okee :) Cya when MoP comes out :P I'll have a tank by then ready to raid hopefully :hug:

  16. Womanz you need to return soon or respond!

  17. you still play wow red or no?

  18. It kinda took the look of an MMORPG but plays/looks mostly like Fable if you've ever played that. That said, it has some Dragon Age and stuff in it. But it's a good game, i'm enjoying it.

  19. Not too far away then! I've been playing Kingdom of Amalur lately enjoying that, but i wanna play ME3.

  20. you know when ME3 is coming out?

  21. what happened to the msg u were gonna send like 2 weeks ago? :P

  22. k msg whenever u feel better then.

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