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  1. First list has candles and bath stuff And yea, you'll get slimwine for sure BTW: 3rd package delayed until next week Monday or Tuesday per the tracking info
  2. @BAGGOT Son, i will be leaving you $30 for dinner on friday while your potential new mother in law and I go out for the night No house parties
  3. I have two lists from Pretty now. One filled with Candy, sweets and other things she wanted And a new one she made for her _____ collection. Unlike her since I hate Xmas and don't wanna celebrate but I am nice to her I only buy things at the start of December for her Xmas to make sure it gets there on time. Don't even start on the birthday....
  4. 1.5 Jess 1.5 --- The team that doesn't have Xenia on it x3
  5. @Prettyphile #1. Why are you trying to sexually harass me? #2. Yes They Do/When I used to visit Surrey seeing the Indian population there or knowing some of the indian guys I did growing up the arguments are fucking amazing / No you're a kat #3. That seems similar to a bunch of our conversations And never gonna be a kat owner, fuck kat's
  6. Have you been to a doctor lately? If not I recommend seeing one
  7. Still Need To Fucking Watch This
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