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  1. Thanks, it'll be okay, I just won't go shopping in the early hours unless i need to, by mid day it should be okayish. Plugging the truck in though
  2. Who needs doctors or beauty pageants when you have social media. That's the biggest downside now, if she gained even .01% of muscle mass social media would be all over her.
  3. Water Is Wet? Can you prove this, or do you get wet while the water gets dry?
  4. Limerlight


    Hey Michael, yes I know. Trinity was just. Oh man, they picked the perfect character for Trinity as well, I think you would be hard pressed to say there was a better saga as a whole then that, I completely agree. The ending of the ending is what really annoyed me, it was a neat idea, it had some room to grow, and yet no. I wish that would've been a mid-season plot twist instead.
  5. Limerlight


    The final was... uhh. Yes. I would be excited to see though if they can use that as a springboard and if they can make that good then people might forgive a bit
  6. Now THIS is a thread. Many thanks
  7. Her tits look nice too recently
  8. Her tits look nice recently.
  9. If someone doesn't answer the door once, don't come storming back and yelling the next time...
  10. Didn't Bitcoin just hit an all time or near all time high again?
  11. Have you not changed your PFP like Stromboli since I left either? I guess like he said, consistency is key. Thank you, it's interesting to be back
  12. Alive, as much as can be right now. Figure I might roam around the ole stomping grounds now and again. Especially since not much else going on. How you doin'?
  13. Hello Leo fan base. I see as Leo hungry as ever even with him aging (slowly)
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