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  1. Xerus

    Lovable 2016

    Yes, thank you @catullus @
  2. @Zinner- I don't agree with your ID that the images are Celine (above). I believe I had the ID correct initially when answered in 2017 and currently - I believe it's Brazilian model - Fernanda Liz....who is on the cover below...and is correct for the ones, above.
  3. Been a while since I looked at this but thanks for the try, @Zinner Further research between my original post and now, I believe has been productive. It's actually Brazilian Model: Claudia Albertotti. https://www.instagram.com/claudiaalbertotti/?hl=en
  4. Yes - it's Myriam Abreu
  5. @LCYGKN - yes thank you, great id!
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