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  1. you're welcome, but Fletch did the heavy lifting, I just put a ribbon & bow on it
  2. Xerus

    Model ID

    #2 Georgina Toms
  3. Thank you DP @DecimalPhoenix.. nice ID.
  4. OK so this is the last one, and ... she look familiar, but... which of these 4 (1 x Next, 1 M&S, 1 x intimissimi and 1 x Jasmine Lingerie) is she representing?
  5. Take a good look at: Anet Mlcakova https://www.bornmodels.dk/female-models/female-models-a/anet-mlcakova >>>>>
  6. Fair enough... Bing was helpful finding a few more of very similar faces of her/to her, maybe you can use some of that help in the continuing search. Will be interested in getting to see who a few "yes" votes do lock onto...
  7. @SympathysSilhouette & @MingoPants Suggest a review of Hanna Edwinson, too.
  8. Xerus

    Models to ID

    @bhuvi royYou are of course, welcome, but... can you at least confirm that you think or agree those are the correct ids? I'm not 100% locked sure on either, until we get additional confirmations
  9. Ty cattulus, i agree.
  10. not Alexandra (but I see why you see a minor resemblance...)
  11. Indeed, it's Marine. @Kim Florida - thank you 🙏 https://www.selectmodel.com/miami/model/marine-muller
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