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  1. Apparently Sean got a Calvin Klein contract for FW07
  2. hahaha nice pic Must date back to when she just had her boobs done, getting used to the implants and all
  3. Força Brasil :blueeyedbaby:
  4. He's so hot yay for another Frenchie with amazing cheekbones and i agree about the hair, margie
  5. he's a model, he's hot... I wouldn't pay too much attention to the gossip about him, i'm not saying your friend is not reliable but sometimes you hear a rumour from someone who is jealous and you spread it... who cares about what he does with girl, as long as he takes great pics
  6. Taben

    good, i'll sleep well tongiht knowing that :-p Bonne nuit :D

  7. Taben

    you can have all the girls you want as long as i'm the only guy :ninja: and i'm curious to know what you call a monster... guys have different views about it... as long as it fits in the mouth... :whistle:

  8. i've never seen HQ's of that show but my runway folder is a real mess so i could be wrong i'm sure Tanya will be able to help you though
  9. Never judge a book by its cover, or in this case by the avatar hahaha exactly, sorry it's good to see that someone can like both adriana and eugenia, diversity is the way to go
  10. Taben

    are you one of those poor guys who live a life of misery because they're too hung to find girls that enjoy having sex with them ? and i don't know who rated me 4* but i guess what shows is an average so some haters may have rated me 1* :P

  11. the more i look at her the more i think she's plain her V cover is gorgeous but... she's another hit-and-miss model, i guess...
  12. hahaha at first glance i read "she is not very beautiful" and i was like "ugh look who's talking... you ave adriana lima in your avi so of course you can't get eugenia's appeal"
  13. Taben

    haha what do you mean ?

  14. Hey i'm fine thanks! how are you ?

    My week end was alright, it could have been more exciting but i'm in the middle of an exam session so... how was yours ? and where are you from BTW ?

  15. Taben

    no i'm not, i do that on tFS too :s and i'm not sure getting bigger glasses will solve the problem (which isn't really a problem anyways)

  16. Taben

    ugh i've posted in my profile again :D

    of course, i'm the best accessory ! and no that doesn't mean anything haha... unless you consider my glasses to be... average++ in size :|

  17. 1.Why did you choose the one you have? Because that's part of my favourite ad EVER, so reminescent of the supermodels, and eugenia looks uber gorgeous there 2. Who or what is it? Eugenia Volodina of course 3. How often do you change it? too often
  18. hahaha i wish Gorgeous set BTW
  19. Taben

    i've never worn contacts but i hear it can be painful... i'm buying new glasses soon, hope you'll like them ! yours are really cool, but i'm sure everything would suit you :D

  20. Yeah that's what i've read on tFS but i'm not sure how reliable the source is... she's never been featured in Vogue Paris and i don't think she's been featured in Vogue UK either so it'd be a little suprising if she got a cover... Another rumour says she got the Versace campaign, possibly with Kate Moss
  21. Taben

    of course you do! and i like the fact you're wearing glasses *shifty*

  22. Taben

    ugh i posted in my own profile lol...

    I see you're not making any effort to guess ! here you go, but you'll have to do without a translation "homme � lunettes, homme � grosse qu�quette" :-o

  23. Taben

    lol ok then here is a clue: there is a proverb that says "femme

  24. Taben

    It's true that suits make people look good in general... too bad young guys don't wear them that much... and i guess you could ask your French ex to know what we say

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