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    Zac Efron

    Yeah, Vanessa doesn't care! I wanna know what's in Zac's yellow plastic bag.... :evil: lol that's private I know, I'm such a nosy person Zac and Vanessa on Vanessa's b-day (maybe that's what was in the plastic bag, Vanessa's b-day present.... )
  2. Does anyone know who the model on the right is? The model on the left is Miranda Kerr, but I want to know who the other girl is Please? Thank You!
  3. taniixx

    Zac Efron

    Yeah, Vanessa doesn't care! I wanna know what's in Zac's yellow plastic bag.... :evil:
  4. taniixx

    Zac Efron

    Yeah, they are cute. One of my fave celeb couples . BTW, Zac and Vanessa were caught in a sex shop recently But there Disney!
  5. Oscar De La Renta Pre-Fall 2009
  6. This hasn't been posted yet?!?! Burberry SS09 So gorgeous!
  7. taniixx


    She looks so beautiful there! And its a freakin screencap! Thank you.
  8. Two more of her Gap ads with Ever So adorable! Is it safe to say she kinda looks like Ana BB in the second pic?
  9. We have a hater, girls :knives: :persuazn: :avada: :lullaby: :anger: katie green attacks Jourdan I have no idea who Katie Green is, but obviously she is a very jealous hater!
  10. Another picture No love for Ali? :( :cry:
  11. Because why would they want to go to England and meet arrogant people like you? Thank you, Berno! BTW, A sale for Uggs is being advertised on this thread. 70% off Uggs Australia..... :voodoo:
  12. Ali's Beauty Editorial in Vogue January 2009 credit to kazaf at tfs
  13. No love 4 Ali? Teen Vogue's Holiday Soiree: Young girls in cocktail frocks showed their party dedication Thursday night, braving a torrential downpour and blustery winds to attend a Teen Vogue sponsored shopping event at the 57th Street Louis Vuitton store. As the tween crowd enjoyed apple cider "mocktails" and makeovers and manicures at Sephora stations on the boutique's second floor, WWD caught up with a few of the starlets in attendance to find out their holiday traditions
  14. more stuff /monthly_12_2008/post-23959-0-1446102584-45126_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4110295" alt="post-23959-0-1446102584-45126_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="116.83">
  15. Some random stuff from facebook
  16. If you guys hate uggs so much then don't come to Ireland! They are EVERYWHERE! BTW, how can you not like them? They're so comfortable!
  17. taniixx


    New videos Behati's rehearsals Naughty, Nice & Miami Spice I dont think this has been posted... Sarah ( ) and Erin's first show
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