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  1. Hello :smile: I'd like to know who is the girl on your avatar?

    1. Kugelschreiber
    2. frenchkiki


      Thank you :smile: you have flawless taste when it comes to models

    3. Kugelschreiber
  2. Hello :smile: I'd like to know who is the girl on your avi?

    1. La Vie Est Belle

      La Vie Est Belle

      That is Daniela Lopez Osorio

    2. frenchkiki


      Of course! With that butt! Thank you!

  3. Great set!! That was the movie I wanted to use as my new set for this week BUT as i am glad you are using an horror movie set for Halloween, I'll use "the descent" movie for my set :D

    1. Limerlight


      Oh I am sorry to steal your idea Kiki :sad: I wish I would've known.


      Pretty suggested I watch the movie and I loved it, mostly cause Sam is a whole lot of NOPE mixed in with a rather charming unknown story.


      But thank you :hehe: 

    2. frenchkiki


      That's ok & it's a great movie ;) I will use it next week // Who is  Sam? And Have you seen the descent? You should also watch "Krampus" No more question! :p

  4. Hey Katchi!

    How did you manage to have a banner ^^ ?



    1. katchitup


      Replied on the General Questions thread :hehe: 

  5. hello, who is the girl on ur set

  6. Je n'arrive pas

    1. jey47key


      je fais le menage dans mes MP ou on discute par mail ?

    2. jey47key


      Hello, tu me réponds ;)

  7. Wish you the best for 2013!

    1. Maiya


      thank you wish you the best 2013 to you too

  8. thank you <3 wijnboerinnetje did it. She rocks!

  9. well thank you =)

  10. please! re upload your avatar! the poor girl is going to die behind her baloons!

    1. PinkCouture


      I think it is a glitch with our system b/c sometimes my avatar works and at other times it does not :( It rarely works when when I am at work *sigh*

      Thanks for letting me know though :)

  11. what's uuuup? do u thin I need to post on my thread?? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. Jennka


      Yeeees! Don

  12. 5 stars for your return!

    1. frenchkiki


      I really missed your funny/sarcastic comments. Now u stay for good!

  13. thank you sweety

  14. Hello! I wanted to know... u always have nice signatures but they are always stretched :/ do u know why?

    1. katchitup


      IDk if I'm supposed to comment here or your page...ahh well. But IDk, I have them stretched, cause I want them to fill my huge siggi box :p Also, so I can get the face in there the most.

  15. thank you for being so kind & adorable <3... 5 stars for ya

  16. tried to upgrade u to 5 stars but i'll have to come back tomorrow... How are you?

    1. Limerlight


      It doesn't matter to me :P I never really look I'm good how you?

  17. hello! I just 5 stars you! Does it hurt??

    1. Lyon


      Thanks for assuring my rating with 5 stars :p

  18. 5 stars, 1 hello! =)

  19. this is my upgrade 5 stars day tour for my friends... =)

    1. Jennka


      Such a sweatheart :) 5 stars for you too!

  20. just lurking... 5 stars in ur face!!

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