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  1. Hello :smile: I'd like to know who is the girl on your avatar?

    1. Kugelschreiber
    2. frenchkiki


      Thank you :smile: you have flawless taste when it comes to models

    3. Kugelschreiber
  2. Hello :smile: who is the girl on your avi? I am sure I know her but...

    1. VS19


      Lada Kravchenko :smile: 

    2. frenchkiki


      So no, I didn't know her :smile: she is very beautiful, thank you.

    3. VS19


      You're welcome. :smile: 

  3. Great set!! That was the movie I wanted to use as my new set for this week BUT as i am glad you are using an horror movie set for Halloween, I'll use "the descent" movie for my set :D

    1. Limerlight


      Oh I am sorry to steal your idea Kiki :sad: I wish I would've known.


      Pretty suggested I watch the movie and I loved it, mostly cause Sam is a whole lot of NOPE mixed in with a rather charming unknown story.


      But thank you :hehe: 

    2. frenchkiki


      That's ok & it's a great movie ;) I will use it next week // Who is  Sam? And Have you seen the descent? You should also watch "Krampus" No more question! :p

  4. Hey Katchi!

    How did you manage to have a banner ^^ ?



    1. katchitup


      Replied on the General Questions thread :hehe: 

  5. hello, who is the girl on ur set

  6. Je n'arrive pas

    1. jey47key


      je fais le menage dans mes MP ou on discute par mail ?

    2. jey47key


      Hello, tu me réponds ;)

  7. Wish you the best for 2013!

    1. Maiya


      thank you wish you the best 2013 to you too

  8. thank you <3 wijnboerinnetje did it. She rocks!

  9. well thank you =)

  10. please! re upload your avatar! the poor girl is going to die behind her baloons!

    1. PinkCouture


      I think it is a glitch with our system b/c sometimes my avatar works and at other times it does not :( It rarely works when when I am at work *sigh*

      Thanks for letting me know though :)

  11. what's uuuup? do u thin I need to post on my thread?? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. Jennka


      Yeeees! Don

  12. 5 stars for your return!

    1. frenchkiki


      I really missed your funny/sarcastic comments. Now u stay for good!

  13. thank you sweety

  14. Hello! I wanted to know... u always have nice signatures but they are always stretched :/ do u know why?

    1. katchitup


      IDk if I'm supposed to comment here or your page...ahh well. But IDk, I have them stretched, cause I want them to fill my huge siggi box :p Also, so I can get the face in there the most.

  15. thank you for being so kind & adorable <3... 5 stars for ya

  16. tried to upgrade u to 5 stars but i'll have to come back tomorrow... How are you?

    1. Limerlight


      It doesn't matter to me :P I never really look I'm good how you?

  17. hello! I just 5 stars you! Does it hurt??

    1. Lyon


      Thanks for assuring my rating with 5 stars :p

  18. 5 stars, 1 hello! =)

  19. this is my upgrade 5 stars day tour for my friends... =)

    1. Jennka


      Such a sweatheart :) 5 stars for you too!

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