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  1. I seem to have become a hermaphrodite on here!

    1. BeachBunny094


      that keeps fooling me... guys! Hi! (waves)

  2. I don't CARE how many new members have joined since my last visit!

    1. Jennka


      Lol :) I feel like running around in circles and screaming "give me back my world!" :)

  3. So, if you reply to someone on this it's totally disassociated from that conversation to the casual observer? Thereby making no sense.

    1. Jennka


      What do you mean B?

  4. And then you offer your one and only joke and ask me what will I be when I grow up to be a man? Me? NOTHING!

    1. Michael*


      There's a soft voice singing in your head - who can this be? I do believe it's me!

  5. Yeah, the adulation of pregnant dogs by association is pretty much the Bellazon nadir

  6. Thanks for those screencaps - I certainly wouldn't want to miss out!

  7. Weird synchronicity... My cousin just told me to watch 'Moon'. It's calling to me!

  8. Well, we'll see how my return goes! But, yes, all is fine thanks...

  9. Hope you're feeling better m'dear? Single Malt is my prescription...

  10. Y para ti tambien! Fuiste anoche?

  11. Mine was fine - my father is in town so I've been out with him. How about you?

  12. O soothest Sleep! if so it please thee, close

    In midst of this thine hymn my willing eyes,

  13. IT gets chilly in 'sunny California'?!! Glad to hear you're being looked after though!

  14. I've just been perusing your links my dear... Hell if I know what ANY of that means?!?!

  15. Oh well, it didn't work - but it's the thought that counts! ;)

  16. Copy and blurbs for magazines and newspapers. It's an 'assistant' course for the main Writing and Journalism courses... I'm a special guest for this term only - catch me while you can!

  17. No? Not your thing? Me, I love the pose and the expression. Hell, when it comes to her I'm easily pleased!!!

  18. So, a day in then... All good so far?!?!

  19. I'm an Argentine - it's ALWAYS red wine! I'll pass on the baseball, but have been happily watching the football...

  20. Well that's mightily thoughtful of you. Could do with a boost anyway...

  21. Back in the UK for one week, before I go home. Been very busy seeing people this last week, so tonight I'm just staying with family and getting take-out. How about you?

  22. You know something - I've never seen that show! Wasn't ever on in Argentina or the UK. It's very popular in Australia though...

  23. The tabloids are certainly full of it (and his ex bitching about it!). But I've not seen her to make a conclusion!!! as for Magda, then you're lucky - our billboards aren't of the same calibre as your fine export!

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