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  1. Does anyboy has gifs of her on Victoria’s Secret backstage sexy book ?
  2. She gave bith at 41 ys old and for me she still look amazing, she's a little extra weight , but this is kinda normal for all women. I hope she don't listen to all theses haters who are calling her fat and other things.
  3. Some guys are more concern about other things than her happiness. Let's just be happy for her! If she said she won't let the fashion industry so soon, what welse some of you want? Every woman when get pregnant, take some time off, so why she can't take a time off to take care of herself and the life she's carrying?
  4. Did she cut her hair or is just the hairstyle?
  5. She just post this on her stories. Lately she's has been very active on her Instagram and events, I'm really happy for her.
  6. I think Adriana doesn't check the comments, because she didn't delete or at least change the legend. She's worst than my grandmother when the subject it's social midia!
  7. Agree, he always weighs his hand in her makeup, I miss when Grace Lee used to do her makeup, at least it didn't leave her with heavy makeup.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUYzouHFQJy/?utm_medium=copy_link 20210928225423.mp4
  9. She wants a career on the big screen too, what is the problem? She's been smart and going to theses events to make connections. Like Doutzen, who was in wonder woman movie, Cara Delavigne, Jon Kortajarena or Milla Jovovich. She's alredy has a estabilsh career on the fashion industry and now, she wants another thing and she's right to go on theses events if she wants a chance, it's always start with a small role.
  10. Everyone on her Instagram are talking about the braids, it was not ok. The wig look so cheap and doesn't mention the cultural appropriation, this is not good for her. Everything was good, but not the braids/wig. Idk why she or her team didn't delete the photo yet.
  11. Oh please.. if he's doing that, she will notice as same as Metin. You guys want her to be single forever, she's 40th, she's know what she's doing. If he wants to use her, it would be a lot of paparazzi in any corner as was with Metin. No matter who she's date, even if is Brad Pitt, you guys will come with the same talk, they all want to use her. But maybe he likes her, maybe he loves her, is this hard to believe? She's a goegeous woman, who wouldn't fall in love for her? They will always want her fame, her money? Please! She's happy, he doesn't see a toxic Guy like Metin, so let her be happy, let her enjoy event with the hairstyle she wants, with the dress, make up she wants. Lot of young models would die to be such beautiful and young as Adriana. You guys should start be happy for her and suport her steps as fans, you guys look like haters sometimes.
  12. Her part you can see on her Instagram ( she posted the video) , it was only that.
  13. People always complain about everything, if she goes to the event, the complaim if she don't, they complain either. I love the look, she look very sexy to mee and the hair suit with the dress. The make up was ok, comparing the other times Patrick did her make up and let her loook like a drag queen. She's beautiful head to toe. And about the bf, everyone go to the bfs, model and actress, why she can't? Let he be happy, stop jinx her relationship and be happy for her!
  14. Not yet, they are keeping a little suspense about this, I didn't see anything about Irina either. I think they will post on the day.
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