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  1. guys .. does somebody has this photo in better quality? I can't find on google.
  2. About Andre ... What it seems is.. doesn't matter who Adriana dates u guys always gonna hate them.. it can be prince charming and u guys gonna hate anyway.. it look like u guys wanna to see her single.. and for me he doesn't look toxic like Metin.. so if she's happy u guys should support her. U guys look like Taylor Swift fans.. gonna throw hate whatever Guy she is , even if she's wrong... It's getting bad this. 🙄
  3. I really like her look .. she lost weight so fast, really prod of her
  4. Yehh .. I think she doesn't want to be like Miranda, who always around with nannys she want't to be more present for her kids as possible .. but she's get tired , she's being doing a lot of things, take care of kids and her baby , lose weight .. she need someone to help her.
  5. Yeh.. her hair is not that thick for the look.. but it look great for me.. thank u
  6. Agree .. is she wearing extensions?
  7. I Also agree with you! I hope she can rest after the event of today .. and maybe just hire a nany, to help her, I know she's not the typ of celb who do that, but maybe sometimes it's very good for her. I think it's 2 mch stuff just for her.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cq5hnPqMQZX/
  9. yeh .. but her eyes are telling us she's not happy , maybe just tired of all this travel
  10. I think she kinda regret of left vs.. and she only did that, bc of Metin. And IF SHE will be in VSFS , I wonder how it will be the show.
  11. Well .. it's like pepople say .. if Gisele is the queen of fashion .. she's the queen of VS
  12. what year whas ths, do u know?
  13. For some reason he removed from his Instagram
  14. Well.. she has a baby boy and has been doing a lot of workout to get back to her shape.. u guys should take easy on her.
  15. Madisob for Harpe's bazaar Germany April 2023
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