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  1. this face omg this face is amazing,Antonina, ever since i saw her around 2012 i knew she would make an amazing model. i love everything about her. one of my fav models and in my top models of all time. i missed her so much this year's fashion week. i wish she will come back to walk on the runaway. I agree with you about switching the agency, i believe Women agency would be much better for her.
  2. very beautiful pictures, i love this model, especially her blonde hair. thanks guys
  3. Pink, i swear i wasn't baiting nor i was trolling.

    stating my personal preference nothing more, why people get offended so easily, i was super friendly to be honest.

  4. Andreea is definitely one of the best models in the industry, i freaking love her so much.
  5. Maartje is very talented model, she's always in my top "model walk" in every fashion week she participates in, beautiful with unique features, and a professional "cat-walk" Love her one of my favs and definitely one of the best modern models in the industry.
  6. I saw her a few years ago as a promising new face, and here she is, one of the most amazing girls. Love you Sanne
  7. Zuzanna is love Zuzanna is life
  8. Valentina is one hell of a women, she is really pretty, and considering her age she is one of the best looking models. one of my favs, love her and love her cocktail juices
  9. Antonia is amazing, one of the good German models out there. my only problem with her looks is that she looks way older than her real age. i would like to see her back on the runaway. (more active)
  10. A very charming lady with a unique and funny personality, i love her. one of my favs
  11. would you please check my message?

  12. overrated movie for nostalgia reasons acting is shit script is bad too many ass-pulls and plot convenience deux ex machina plot holes and so on directing isnt anything special, not original, only good visuals other than that its bad i rate 5/10
  13. this was easily the best movie of 2015 good script great visuals and art direction and the acting was pretty good too directing is excellent i rate 8/10
  14. this movie was some racist load of bullshit. i rate the script 4/10 and the acting 5 and the ost 5 directing 5. its pretty average movie but its racist so i would lower it to 4/10
  15. Respect for your knowledge :smile:

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