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Caridee English

The Joker

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A shorter term i just summarized from tv.com , mwahahaha.......

Caridee English was born in the small town of Fargo, North Dakota. Before appearing on America's Next Top Model, she was an aspiring photographer.

From the age of 5, CariDee suffered from psoriasis since which covered almost 75% of her body. She thought, that would enable her from achieving her goal of becoming a model. It was not until 2005, when she received new medication for her psoriasis and it was able to control it.

Caridee auditioned for America's Next Top Model and made the final 13 girls. She became known as the exhuberant blonde with the bubbly personality that could do no wrong. She beat out 12 other girls, which included, Christian Evans (weirdo), Megan Morris (jerk), Monique Calhoun (creepie), Megg Turano (nasty), AJ Stewart (crappie), Brooke Miller (B*), Anchal Joseph (robot), Jaeda Young (annoying), Michelle Babin (ghost), Amanada Babin (corpse), Eugena Washington (sh*) and Melrose Bickerstaff (second best), to become the Cycle 7 winner of America's Next Top Model.


Fun Facts :

*+*(Most ppl 'd be falling asleep by now when they reach to this part, Hahaha..... but....HERE YOU GO : )*+*

Prior to appearing on America's Next Top Model, CariDee did not know that Michigan was a state. She had thought it was a small city in Detroit.

CariDee appeared on the cover of the February 2007 issue of Seventeen magazine.

Caridee is a Pisces.

Caridee had known she won America's Next Top Model since June of 2006, but because she was under a confidentiality agreement, she could not talk about it or model until the episode aired.

In the episode of ANTM, "The Girl Who Grates," Caridee suffered from hypothermia symptoms after taking pictures in an ice cold pool.


Caridee is the second ANTM winner from North Dakota. The other is Nicole Linkletter from Cycle 5.

Caridee is now living in New York in the Elite Model house. (December 2006)

Caridee thought that the most cruel challenge was the floating runway in episode three.

CariDee shares the record for the Tallest Champion in America's Next Top Model history with Yoanna House (Cycle 2) and Danielle Evans (Cycle 6) with a height of 5'11".

CariDee can play the guitar and spent a lot of her time in the America's Next Top Model mansion playing and making music with the other contestants.

CariDee has the most collective first call-outs for a champion in America's Next Top Model history, with 3. But for the contestant with the most first call-outs in Cycle 7, she tied with runner-up, Melrose Bickerstaff.

Before appearing on America's Next Top Model, CariDee was a photographer.

*+*(STILL HANGING ON ???!!! O_O )*+*

CariDee's nickname is Cari.

For winning Cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model, CariDee won a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a modeling contract with Elite Models and a 6 page spread along with the cover for Seventeen Magazine.

Caridee was the first blonde to win ANTM.

CariDee has a cat named Diva.


CariDee decided to audition for America's Next Top Model because she thought it would be an experience that she's never had before and it's something that is different and outside of her hometown.

CariDee English had been suffering from psoriasis since she was 5 years old and it was not until 2005 before her new medication was able to control it.

After winning an acting challenge on the 11/15 episode of ANTM, Caridee appeared on the One Tree Hill episode titled All These Things That I've Done, which aired immediately after.

On an episode of America's Next Top Model, CariDee confessed to previously having thoughts of committing suicide because of all the ridicule she received while growing up for having a skin disease.

*+*( YAY............DONE !!!! BUT...... HERE WE GO AGAIN....... :D ) *+*



CariDee: My whole life I had a skin disease---psoriasis. It's been a battle. I've got new medication and have been clear for months.

CariDee: [On ever shortening her name] No, definitely not! No Cari, no Car, no C.D. I'll always be CariDee.

CariDee: [After being crowned winner of America's Next Top Model] I'm America's Next Top Model baby, ya!

CariDee: [On being in the modeling industry] This is all I have ever wanted. It's been my dream my whole life.

CariDee: [On her likeness to Rebecca Romijn] I have heard that before - lots of times in Fargo -- but the first time I met Tyra [banks] and she told me that, it was amazing. I just felt so flattered and flabbergasted.


CariDee: I don't respect Melrose... if Melrose becomes America's Next Top Model I'm going to puke... all over. I'll just puke.

Caridee (On Tyra Banks): I love Tyra! She doesn't take herself too seriously, which is so refreshing in the modeling world. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be talking to you. I'd be back in Fargo doing God knows what.

*+*( UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER,.... NOW !!! )*+*

Caridee (On Melrose): She was very headstrong in the competition, which is very understandable. That's just her....I didn't want the win handed to me. I wanted to win knowing I was the best. I had no idea until the final picture got brought up. But she definitely was the best competitor, because she was good. She's very talented at what she does. I mean, we were good to each other. We weren't rude or hated each other by any means.

CariDee: [On winning America's Next Top Model] I triumphed through all my hardships. It was the best feeling in the world.

CariDee: Being silly is just how I am. I don't know how to be anybody else. I can't be fake.

*+*(GREAT !!!! BUT.... YOUR WEIRD !!!! O_O )*+*

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I'm glad she won!! I wanted her to , I so didn't want Melrose to win!

For once somebody I liked won!

i'm SO glad she won! i hated melrose cause she thought she was a know it all and stuff >_< but caridee is gorgeous! LOVED her covergirl ad but i didn't like her SEVENTEEN editorial too much


Ppl 'd just judge her by seeing her photos, some of photos are not really good and they go....argh... NAH !.... Thats lame. You have to actually watch the ANTM to see her performance, hilarious and very creative. I love her first appearance when Jay bit her robe off her thigh and threw it to Tyra...HAHA.... Love her black and white movie too, i was LMAO .... :evil:

Melrose on the other hand is very attractive but, comparing with Caridee, pshh, EXCUSEME !!! Her last walk in the cave was really professional, she actually did a better final job dont you guys think ??

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Yep you're right she lookes soo good on the show and has awesome personality! Unlike Melrose... And yeah Melrose did better on the last challange , but Carrie deserved to win more after all se's been through...Melrse will find a modelling job for sure , or even designer for known label... cuz she's a designer.. Who knows.

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