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I was thinking about making a new pole..and this idea occured to me just a moment ago :D You know, a winner of this competition won´t be the most beautiful, the best, the cleverest, the best or the most talented, it would be the one with the MOST amount of fans here. In every poll, you´re supposed to vote unbiased, now, HERE you MUST vote totally biased by your fav :)

what do you think about it? isn´t there a pool like this anywhere??

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whoa, thanks for interest!!! :hug: I know this one won´t make any more difference from the others because people mainly vote for their favs, but still there are some that don´t and I´m curious whose fans are the most ardent :D :D and PC, psssst :) let me have a little hope ;)

So, please, I´m asking you to write here a contestants you want to join the competition, ok?? More contestants there are, more rounds will be, longer it will take, more fun we will have....:) I´ll start with my favs:

1. Gisele Bundchen

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

3. Kate Beckinsale

4. Daria Werbowy

5. Nataniele Ribiero

6. Milla Jovovich

7. Angelina Jolie

8. Jessica Alba

9. Nelly Furtado

more later, want to see your suggestions...it can be anyone, from actress to singer, model, porn star... :D if you have a picture you want to be shown here of your fav, post it to me, I´d be pleased ;)

I assure when a round will be on, I go to threads of both women and let them know they can vote for their fav :) and if you have any ideas how to make this poll more funny or interesting, I´m eager to hear it ;)

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