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Las Vegas


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Created by

Gary Scott Thompson

Credited cast

James Caan .... Ed Deline


Josh Duhamel .... Danny McCoy


Vanessa Marcil .... Sam Marquez


Nikki Cox .... Mary Connell


James Lesure .... Mike Cannon


Molly Sims .... Delinda Deline


Marsha Thomason .... Nessa Holt



Las Vegas is a fast-paced, sexy drama that follows the elite Las Vegas surveillance team charged with maintaining the security of one of "Sin City's" largest resorts and casinos. Big Ed Deline, former CIA, is the head of the surveillance team for the Montecito Resort & Casino, as well as the newly appointed President of Operations. His right-hand man is Danny McCoy, an ex-U.S. Marine and Las Vegas native. They deal with card-counting cheaters, costly streaks of random luck and rival casinos stealing their big-money players.
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btw i think non-us theme is much better, i can send somewhere if you wish :)

heres the lyrics of non-us theme "Let it ride"

are you still feeling lucky tonight?

throw the dice again... let it ride (let it ride)

wanna do this one more time?

hit me again... let it ride (let it ride)

are you gonna play tonight?

sleep with me, just right by your side

gonna do this one more time

hit me again... let it ride (let it ride)

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i find it pretty entertaining :) . my montecito girls are Vanessa Marcil and Marsha Thomason, love her accent. i always thought there will be always only one slot in me for a lady with a british accent and Liz Hurley already got that but then Marsha created one more :wub: :evil:

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