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Cristiano Ronaldo


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i love cristiano Ronaldo he's my #1 football player and he's hot :p i dont see why ppl will hate him, he has talent and the looks what do you need more?

you don't under because you're a girl and you never will. go ask a real football fan and who plays football. takes way more than skills and looks to get respect on the pitch.

i like him, he has been improving so much, and he is using his skills to earn the respect^^:D

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Ronaldo, Best player in Europe, Says Larsson.

Henrik Larsson has hailed his Manchester United team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo as Europe�€™s top player, ranking him above even former Barcelona colleague Ronaldhino

Larsson has spent only two-and-a-half weeks training and playing with Ronaldo, 21, but said he has been amazed by what he has seen.

United yesterday had a £20million bid for Owen Hargreaves turned down by Bayern Munich. But Larsson believes Ronaldo is in such stunning form that even missing out on England midfielder Hargreaves will not stop United winning the Premiership.

Larsson said: "Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the Premier League and in the whole of Europe. The things I have seen him do since I have been in Manchester have been incredible, amazing. It is just like a total show in training and even in the matches.

"This kid will one day arrive at the very top in the world of football �€” if he isn�€™t there already �€” because of the fact that he makes the most difficult plays look easy. I know both him and Ronaldhino and have now played with both of them. And Ronaldo is top in Europe at the moment.

"But Cristiano and Ronaldinho in the same team would be like a bomb. It would be an incredible spectacle for the people. What�€™s more, I am totally convinced the two are able to play in the same side."

Larsson�€™s dream team could have been a reality had United manager Sir Alex Ferguson succeeded in bringing Brazil star Ronaldhino to Old Trafford from Paris Saint-Germain three-and-half years ago.

But the 35-year-old Swede believes United are good enough to win this year�€™s title anyway. He has already set his sights on demoralising Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow, just as he did in helping Barcelona beat them in last season�€™s Champions League Final.

Larsson said: "United are the best team in England and at the moment they are superior to Chelsea, who have suffered a descent in comparison to the last year.

"For me each match with Manchester United is a challenge and a dream. I have scored in the FA Cup and now my desire is to savour a goal in the league, too. That is my immediate objective. A goal in Arsenal�€™s stadium would be magnificent for me.

"I am very excited about this experience with Manchester United. I had heard all the stories about this club but now I am living on the inside and it is spectacular. It is probably the best club in the world."

Arsenal beat United 1-0 at Old Trafford in September and last night their Spain midfielder Cesc Fabregas challenged his team-mates to stop Ronaldo and give themselves the best chance of completing a double.

Fabregas said: "With the arrival of Larsson, United are most dangerous in attack. A line-up with Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Larsson will always create chances. But the main drive in Manchester United is Cristiano Ronaldo. If he is stopped then that team is reduced by 50 per cent.

"Matches against Manchester United always are very special and we need to win this one to try to jump to third place. They arrive as the leaders but we are now in an excellent mood and we can win."

Games between Arsenal and United have been blighted by controversy in recent years, with Fabregas the man widely thought to have thrown the pizza that hit United boss Ferguson during the infamous �€˜Battle of the Buffet�€™ in autumn 2004.

But Fabregas added: "A match between Arsenal and Manchester United always is a battle but first and foremost it is sport. The incidents of recent seasons are forgotten and I do not believe that United will arrive to provoke us in London."

United last night signalled their month by lodging a £20m bid with Bayern Munich.

Bayern immediately turned down the offer but hinted that Hargreaves, 25, might be allowed to go in the summer. Director-general Karl- Heinz Rummenigge said: "We can�€™t let him go this month. He must stay for now but who knows at the end of the season?"

United are planning a final attempt to buy Hargreaves and remain confident that an offer in the region of £23m will bring him to Old Trafford. United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said early yesterday that the club were �€˜banging against a brick wall�€™ in their attempts to land Hargreaves.

Late in the day, the midfielder indicated his desire for a move, saying: "With Rio, Wayne Rooney and players like that, United have incredible potential. I think they have the nucleus of a great squad and can achieve great things. For a club like intent to land Hargreaves this Man United to make an offer is something I appreciate."

Hargreaves is just back in training with Bayern after recovering from a broken leg.

Ferguson must choose between Larsson and Louis Saha for tomorrow�€™s game but has no doubt that Rooney will soon end his scoring drought.

The England striker has not scored since early in the game against Manchester City on December 9. But Ferguson said: "He just needs a little break. There�€™s nothing wrong. I�€™m not concerned. It will come.

"What he needs to do is to get these odd goals. He�€™s had spells of a two, a three, a two and he needs to get into that one-goal-a-game thing that strikers can do for you.

"If he does that, it will make a big, big difference to our run-in. He will be fine against Arsenal. He�€™s a big game player, isn�€™t he?"

*from bayernforum.com*


very truth

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thanks for those cola pics Aga his body is aaaamazing!! yummy

These pictures just got me off so bad and i didnt have to do anything to myself (over share)





however the over tweezed eyebrows, the dancy ball dribbling and hairless body make me very suspicious...regardless he is still fun to look at.

I felt it my civic duty to share these pictures with everyone. (post if you have better quality or more snaps)

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