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    hey watsup lolita. i m fine I like the models from the 00's but after 07 it was kinda of predictable ex: marisa miller, bar and now brooklyn decker. but i irina s. was going to get the cover this year or next year but anne v.or jessica white, or daniella should get a cover b/c they have been on si for a long time. And i thought also Ana BB was going to get a cover. I lost more interest after beyonce. but congrats to brooklyn decker.
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    ^ but now si is ok but i like that its more diverse. i thought lucia was going to be in this year issue.
  3. funkyflamingo


    thanks veronika for the welcome and i m bummed that petra isn't in si
  4. funkyflamingo


    hey guys and gals shes on the cover of SI book called Heaven by Walter Iooss http://www.amazon.com/Sports-Illustrated-S...9185&sr=8-1
  5. thanks tinkerbell and petralove!
  6. thanks petralove and anna
  7. i dunno but i know shes doing a documentary called Love Evolution.
  8. thanks prettyphile and laidora
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    thanks parisinlove!
  10. funkyflamingo

    Fan Talk

    thanks lisa & veronika and paris!
  11. thanks petralove for the pictures! those were great times
  12. funkyflamingo


    thanks nefertiti for the pictures!
  13. thanks petralove for the pictures, like veronika said the people are new, and the man is also new too.
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