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Models Championship; Season Three.

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Thanks for the comp and all your work, it was fun and very interesting.

I'm afraid there are several mistakes in your additions, I checked a few names and didn't always find the same total. For Gisele, Natalie Roser, myrtille, nat sirotina, for example.

Anyway, this ranking is not wise, only an average-based rankink has a meaning. So i calculated some averages and the ranking could be :

1. Dioni 8.47

2. Thylane 8.34

3. Yulia Rose 8.29

4. Carmela Rose 8.19

5. Emily Didonato 8.18

of course, maybe there are mistakes in m'y calculus and i didn't check all the names, only about 20 of them.


Once again, i don't want to criticize your work, thanks a lot for all what you did hère, i just wanted to add some math precisions (because i love maths!)

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Thanks for your corrections, as you can see Dioni would still be in the podium anyway, even if in first position.

But, like I said, I preferred to use the typical addition only, since there were A LOT of models and the averages would come out with so many numbers that I know I would have made some huge mistakes with the top, while I didn't with this one. Just a matter of what I feel more comfy with. :idk: but no biggie :D 

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Emily? She seems sweet, but I really don't understand why people like her so much. I've seen a lot of her work and even her IG, and I just don't think she's a good model. Even though I don't think she's pretty and I don't care for her body, I would still admit if I thought she was a good model, and I just don't. 


I'm happy for the people who like her so much, though. I'm very surprised by the top 3. That's what makes these competitions so cool though. You really get to see who likes who and find out where your model preferences stand amongst everyone else's. Can't wait for the next one! 


The models I wanted in the top 10 , well...I knew most of them wouldn't make it, but I had hoped at least Kate Li had a chance....I also wanted Lily Easton, Mille Hannah, Isabelle Mathers, Chanel Postrel, Erin Cummins, Danielle Herrington...but they don't see very popular. I'm happy they did as well as they did, though. 

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