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3 minutes ago, freevsangel said:

The holiday commercial was everything but worthy... like i knew it wasnt gonna be great, but it was bad, real bad. The holiday commercial is THE instance were they can show all their best lingerie, but choose to show the girls talking? 

Now i understand what a cheap version of vs vs has become


I watched the first VS commercial.. then FFW thru the others... *yawn*... I did cry for the commercial for the new Steve Carrell movie "Welcome to Carwen"

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I didn't watch the show yet because I'm in a good mood. I don't want to ruin it. I want to see Candy, Adriana, Yas, and I want to see the Celestial Debris section but mainly cause of The Struts. I love that song! It makes me want the punk/rock era back in music but gimmicks killed that many years ago. Hopefully, gimmicks kill this mumble rapping era too.


I want to see Alexina charge after Taylor and steal the spotlight but not be pissed about Taylor opening with her terrible walk. I don't know why they love her.

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The music wasnt as awful as I thought... I liked the mood of the show.. 


Heck they could walk out in trashbags and I would still love the show.. wait.. some did.. still love it.




2 major drawbacks... Martha's walk? and the whole not cutting to Barbaras beau.


Enjoyed most everything else even MK.. which could have been such a great segment with some outfit editing.

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I couldn't even watch that clip not even on mute. I made it to 56 seconds....on mute. 10 seconds with her singing live before I became irritated by her vocals and pop sound. Her gimmicky artist look. I'm not a pop girl. Some iconic pop songs but not a pop girl at all.....I think I am just too old for this shit. :rofl:


O another note, why do they continue to stick Grace in Pink? Her HF career is way better than the 99% of the ang....:dead_horse:

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