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Hollands Next Topmodel


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And finally my favourite (and the most difficult person EVER) Sylvia:


Me likies

In the seventh episode we lost Ovo:

she looks like Miss J Alexander from ANTM :ninja:

Kathelijn reminds me of Marija Vujovic a little in the picture you posted.

:heart: Anna-Marie is cute too.

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I just was on a netherland - site, too cute :D The mixture between German and Englisch in your language is too funny :D I can read most of it, though i could never speak it ^^

I've got the same thing with German. I can read or listen to it and completely understand it, but I just don't like the language. We had German classes at school and I always hated the grammar. Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ , Akkusativ. Way too complicated :D

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