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Lara Stone


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^ That's a great photo :shock: and Lara is insanely photogenic

She is in the newest issue of US Vogue in really cute story with Morgan Freeman(!), shot by Bruce Weber

Some pics from models.com:

24_lara1.jpg 24_lara3.jpg 24_lara2.jpg

Opposites Attract

In one of the most endearingly random developments perhaps ever Lara Stone's youthful exuberance is pitted against actor Morgan Freeman's sagely presence in the latest US Vogue. Bruce Weber photographs the pair as they travel through the streets of New Orleans. How did Miss Stone take to the Big Easy? Describing her experiences the Dutch beauty states simply "It was such a cool environment." From the looks of these pictures it would seem she had a wonderful time - does the Freeman / Stone match up work for you? Will Lara turn up in The Dark Knight sequel? Only time will tell...


So innocent and sweet looking :wub:

Beautiful, thank you Olga :hug:

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US Vogue June 2009

"Talkin' It to the Streets" (HQ)

with Morgan Freeman

Photographed by Bruce Weber

th_ff318836895061.gif/monthly_05_2009/post-21801-0-1446055408-26516_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3050618" alt="post-21801-0-1446055408-26516_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="140.19">a41c2b36895499.gif


Scanned by me :heart:

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Not a big fan of the editorial in US Vogue at all.

Just shows how weak some aspects of modern fashion are. Just as well. Same shit's happening in music these days so why not?

I also don't like it.

It looks like Lara treats Morgan in this editorial as if he was her grandad :| :nicole:

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