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  1. Promo for Guerlain's Face Sculpt Treatment
  2. She's 7 month pregnant, so I guess it's the reason she's taking a break from modeling.
  3. Yet another Neiman Marcus picture
  4. You're the best tiika Thanks for the pics :)
  5. https://www.neimanmarcus.com/2017-Christmas-Book/cat67190754_cat8900735/c.cat?icid=jp_ChristmasBook_101717
  6. It was from this shoot. She was also in the Neiman Marcus' Christmas catalog (it's still on their website; from page 246)
  7. MAC Spring 2017 Lightful Quick Finish Cushion Compact chicprofile
  8. ^It's about recent article from Polish most infamous gossip site that states Jac's still collaborating with VS and the photos are new ones. Jac's quote: "We haven't written anything about her for a long time so let's make something up. The photos are from 2014... This will do"
  9. I'm guessing breakup with her then boyfriend Anyway I hope Jac will be back to health soon.
  11. Glamour Poland July 2016 Ph: Zuza Krajewska
  12. MOHITO #POKOCHAJSIE ad campaign Ph: Zuza Krajewska mohito.com
  13. ^Nothing official yet, but most likely she's no longer with them. I'm not gonna lie I miss the steady influx of new Jac's pictures that her working for VS provided, especially the swim (because honestly she was the best what happened to VS Swim since Candice). I just want to know whether it was Jac's decision to move on or VS was stupid enough to let her go. Anyway here's Jac stunning as ever fo Chanel UV Essentiel
  14. Speaking of Chanel: New makeup tutorial:
  15. She indeed doesn't have the typical bubbly personality and she's not very attention-seeking model ("oops this is a totally accidental shot of my butt, am I the cutest xoxo"), but people at VS knew Jac well before they signed her as an angel so I don't think it is a problem for them. She was also very likable and relatable in the swim special and she had some lines during the latest VSFS (unlike few other new angels who barely had a chance to utter a single word). I think she might be tired of media/social media circus, but she seems to enjoy working for VS, locations, people on set, other angels etc. It just baffles me how she went from many swim photoshoots when she wasn't a contracted to none when she's an angel. But I guess it's a general problem with VS and their treatment of models and distribution of work. I hope she stays with VS, because I really like her for the brand and I like the exposure she gets.
  16. I worry her absence for Swim Special might be a sign her contract won't be renewed. I find it also strange she hasn't done any swim shoot this year and last year she was one of the most used models for VS Swim. VS choices confuse me.
  17. Did she have a lot screentime? I've only see a clip of her in EB segment and they cut most if her walk - although those few seconds were pure grace and beauty :-P
  18. I can see the similarity: both Jac and the girl have the very "Polish" look about them :-)
  19. ^Chanel again Her VSFS looks grew on me TBH, especially the EB one: colors and the way the fabric is flowing is just gorgeous. And this must be one of the prettiest VSFS pictures ever
  20. She looks stunning: both looks are OK, luckily they don't cover her body too much. That darker hair looks amazing on her and I'm positively surprised she didn't end up with fake looking orange tan (like many other models ) Can't wait for the video, she always kills it with her walk
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