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Hey, :heythere:




I just wanted to share my 9999th post (I didn't find the original idea of celebrating this, Stormbringer did for his own 9999th; and I found it funny). 



I first came to this site to discuss about lifestyle magazines and commercial / less famous models. I didn't know if I was ready or not...





… but I came and I found out about many other great topics to discuss, with friendly folks.


So, thank you...:heythere:




… because in this forum people are free as birds ! :MLA:





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1 minute ago, Stormbringer said:

Congrats!!! :chicken:


Thanks :smile:


1 minute ago, Stormbringer said:

Hey, this was MY idea!! :rofl: 


I know; I nonchalantly took your idea :rofl::rofl: ... but I credited you in my post ;), so you can see it as a tribute :rofl:



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