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^ Yes, it's a Myazaki movie called Porco Rosso (it's Italian for "Red Pig"). It's about a pilot in Italy between WW1 and 2. It's not my favorite movie, but the OST is great.

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On 6/4/2019 at 1:10 AM, Shepherd said:

Morricone is a genius... :heythere::heythere::heythere:


I agree! :yes:


Do you like this one? I like the intensity of the polyphony (I always love music with several voices talking to each other).



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Alien 3:  not really TBH.  Sounds too generic.


I don't recall liking the Alien/Aliens' soundtrack all that much; I prefer Blade Runner's soundtrack.  


Speaking of classic Sci-Fi, recently I listened to "Tibetan book of the Dead" and it looks like the ending of 2001 Space Odyssey was inspired by Buddhist Death processes.

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