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Katya Bespyatikh


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Katya Bespyatikh

Birthdate: May 28, 1984.

Height: 5'11

Bust: 34

Waist: 24

Hips: 36

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Hometown: Moldova (Russia)

Agency: Metropolitan Paris/NY Models

A Few Of Your Favorite Things Are: Reading, shopping, going to the beach, visiting my family, making presents, having fun with friends.

Dislikes: impolite people, lack of respect between people, snobbish people.

Funny Story About Modeling: I did a fashion show in Barcelona last year and I was backstage when I saw this girl practicing this flip with the back of this dress. I tried to see if she needed any help. She was really nice about it but what I didn't realize at the time was that the girl I was offering to help was Fernanda Tavares. What was funny was

that I, a brand new model, was trying to offer advice to a big runway model.

Favorite Thing About Modeling: I like fashion shows, I like to express myself in the shows and in the photo shoots.

Book of the moment:Peter the Great by Tolstoy

Favorite film: Meet the Parents with Ben Stiller

Favorite cd: Britney Spears "Britney"

Ambition: Photographer

What's the one quality that you want people to remember you for after you finish modeling? Kindness


LA Models






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From http://newmodels.blogspot.com/2003_08_24_n...ls_archive.html

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Enough with high fashion trash - I'd rather talk about the better models who are out there

Kat is with Metropolitan in Paris and NY Models in NYC - even the hipster crowd noticed her, she showed up in the last NYC FW in several shows.  

Kat is from Bender, Moldova, which is on the right bank of the Dniester river, for those who understand what that means. Let's just say that the (not particularly trendy and advanced) left-bank Moldovans think this place is several decades behind them - Gorki/N Novgorod, where N Vodianova grew up, looks like Malibu in comparison.  

Strangely enough, some of the most interesting models (of various sorts) I noticed in recent years come from that area. Before I heard anything about her, I spotted a model on the cover of Ukrainian magazine "Natalie" - despite the retro styling, the girl had something special about her - I actually bought the mag and scanned the cover. That pic must have been taken very early in her modelling career.  

Kat's fans can see her on FTV, where she appears in a number of "Models Talk" segments- obviously some people are charmed (at least one is an agency top dog, from what I've heard). She said in one of the videos that from her start in modeling to her move to Paris (she was 16 yo at the time, her birthday is May 28 1984) it only took nine months, and she learned English in three more months.  

She certainly made her presence felt in Paris early, and Yves paid some special attention to her in his last YSL Couture show. Metropolitan is not a catwalk specialist agency (although their models often show up in Couture shows) and so Kat has few chances getting into high fashion as is - although NYC Models has a quota of maybe a couple of "hip" names in NYC, with Leticia Birkheuer holding the top spot right now.

Metropolitan has many excellent ex-USSR mods - like Zanna Daskova- because they have a strong "friendly" agency network in these areas, and the finalists in their own international contest are usually very good.  

Kat won one contest, I also remember seeing her on FTV in some strange event in Lebanon, which she also won (another fave of mine, Ukrainian Olga Maliy - Karin Kiev - was also there) and has been travelling a lot, doing editorials and campaigns - the pic with the bedsheets is from a job she did in Greece.  

What's special about Kat? Well, the girl is 1.80m tall, with a slim beautiful body (which she has no trouble displaying in Couture shows) but it's the face that really counts - what makes the "fascinating" girl, and sets her apart from other pretty girls. She looks much better on video, like all good models, but with the right photographer (forget about the usual ones you know from the hip mags - they can't make a talented girl like her look her best) she can realy shine.  

She can currently be seen in beauty ads in French magazines, an editorial in Vogue Espana (the one with Liya on the cover -shot by Ruben Afanador) and elsewhere. I don't know if high fashion will get interested - the trash is usually attracted to trash - but Kat should give model fans some thrills for a few more years.

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When Kat stole the show--







I'm just wonder why she hasn't went supernova or supertikh. After seeing her on a latenight modelling show I been waiting for her to appear on some covers. we'll see...

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