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  1. New Polaroid via marilyn models
  2. Here are some more pictures, these are a little bit older. But werent really on the internet til recently..
  3. These are kinda small but this was the quickest way for me to upload them.. Flair (November?) 2008
  4. Here is an editorial. Shes doing pretty good seeing as this is very early in her career.. DEUXIEME CLASSE Fall/Winter 2008
  5. Stunning, another one of my favorites Shes done a lot in the last few weeks.
  6. Supreme Screen Tests: Addison Gill (V A Model Finalists)
  7. She won the V/Supreme Model Search.. Go Addison! "Be sure to look for Addison in the upcoming pages of V Magazine and on the runways in February! A huge thanks to all of the photographers, staff at V Magazine and of course the other finalists (as the competition was quite intense!) for all of their hard work during the last week." http://www.suprememanagement.com/being/?p=2346 http://www.vmagazine.com/blog.php?n=12353
  8. Addison Gill is 5'10". A star in the making. She is only 14 years old & from Toronto, Canada. Very young but I expect much of her in the near future. Current agencies: Supreme, Sutherland Models, Chantale Nadeau (mother agent)
  9. Dazed & Confused August 08 I dont think these were posted..
  10. Naty is my favorite model right now. Completely perfect. Here are some more pictures @ Dkny SS 09
  11. Here are some HQs as well, these are beautiful :)
  12. Cintia is still a cutie :brows: :brows:
  13. Woo she did Yamamay The last one is so beautiful. credit: me extracted from their website.
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