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Cheryl and Ashley Cole leave the Radisson Hotel separately after a party to celebrate her birthday. The star looked happy reading some of her cards as flowers and leftover cake were brought out.

Manchester, UK 1ST JULY 2008

th_98376_girlsaloudmedia100959747_122_1049lo.jpg th_98386_girlsaloudmedia100959748_122_760lo.jpg th_98397_girlsaloudmedia100959750_122_505lo.jpgth_98401_girlsaloudmedia100959752_122_120lo.jpg th_98407_girlsaloudmedia100959753_122_236lo.jpgth_98417_girlsaloudmedia100959756_122_619lo.jpg th_98431_girlsaloudmedia100959757_122_595lo.jpg th_98441_girlsaloudmedia100959767_122_788lo.jpgth_98480_girlsaloudmedia100959771_122_30lo.jpg th_98460_girlsaloudmedia100959768_122_845lo.jpgth_98484_girlsaloudmedia100959772_122_1092lo.jpg th_98488_girlsaloudmedia100959773_122_196lo.jpgth_98492_girlsaloudmedia100959775_122_551lo.jpg
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