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I don't have an iPOD, but everytime I decide on one, Apple decides to create in bigger and better one. Now I see that Apple has a 6GB iPOD mini with improved battery life. Knowing my luck, when I finally get one, they will probably develop a iPOD with video. <_<

Heh...I brought this thread back from the dead. :laugh:

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*sighs* it's only a matter of time...I think I may wait a few more months


This is an undated photo, released by Nyko Technologies, of the Nyko Movie Player. Now that Apple's popular iPods are everywhere, logic dictates that there's a pretty penny to be made selling accessories for the must-have music player. Accordingly, there are a wealth of new add-ons that rightly complement the world's favorite digital hip-hugger. Nyko's MoviePlayer is a unit the iPod slides into and then plays video files stored on the iPod and shows them on a backlit 3.5-inch screen. The unit has built in stereo speakers and converts video files into a proprietary format for use on the MoviePlayer. (AP Photo/Nyko Technologies)

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There's no 40 GB anymore. If u want more tahn 20GB, u have to buy an iPod photo. In fact the new collection is less a technical improvement than a commerial-strategy improvement. And the iPod mini has a 6GB version now.

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the vertical touch pad does get annoying at times (you have to lift up your thumb in order to keep it moving to the direction you want)

i think i got used to it though...it was creative's response to iPod....their advertisement scheme was "stop running in circles" or something similar to that

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