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    can someone upload the high quality version of VH1 Angels Across America? I always miss the upload/ Thanks!
  2. the vertical touch pad does get annoying at times (you have to lift up your thumb in order to keep it moving to the direction you want) i think i got used to it though...it was creative's response to iPod....their advertisement scheme was "stop running in circles" or something similar to that
  3. there's a fm tuner? lol...i rarely use it....maybe its also cuz i don't have reception around my area
  4. GT4 is a great game....the sound of each car is nice
  5. i dont have an iPod but i do have a creative zen micro. it's 5gb and comes with 2 removable batteries (each battery is like 8 hours)
  6. what programs do you guys use to edit videos? right now im using snapstream beyond tv to get all the shows i missed but i would like to edit out the commercials to save space and eventually burn onto cd. another question is that what kind of encoding programs are out there so i can lower the size of the file yet keep the same quality? thanks!
  7. allhapa

    pump up song

    joe budden - pump it up
  8. ok fixed it i simply reinstalled it...everything works fine now
  9. i'll probably just end up reinstalling it if the problem doesn't magically go away
  10. i was wondering what kind of plan (if any!) you do... my plan is a every other day type of thing. i lift one day and then i do cardio (at least try to force myself) the other DAY1: back and shoulders DAY2: rest/some cardio DAY3: chest, abs, and legs DAY4: rest/some cardio DAY5: arms DAY6: rest/some cardio DAY7: freebie supplements: 100% whey protein 120g/day optimum nutrition creaetine ~5-8mg/day doesn't ale only work out like once a month!? that's crazy
  11. im running the latest version. there was no sudden changes in my connection (ie. i didn't move around any cables) it was working fine before...now the picture is all messed up... the thing that might be the problem is that i recently installed winxp sp2...maybe that's it! damn that microsoft...damn u!!
  12. a compilation video i dont remember exactly where i got it from either but it wasn't chilax or here
  13. white noise it wasn't that scary...although EVP is pretty interesting...not that i would wanna mess with it!!
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