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28 minutes ago, Marsnoop said:

@bobsapp  Any chance you could find these in HQ?

1251628-800w.jpg 1251627-800w.jpg


Not yet If I come across them I'll post again. 2nd one looks more like a capture from a video rather than a photo IMHO. Then again everything looks really weird in low light underwater photography so who knows.


Technically they should have a full frame version of this preview out...



but it's unclear as where or when the full version might be posted. According to the editorial article the videographer was Vladimir Zelenskiy (Vladimir Zelenskii, not to be confused with Ukraine President). But this guy https://vimeo.com/zelenskiy. If I come across it I'll update but update here if you do too, those pictures you posted are new to me.


Nevermind found them, lol. Here's more of them in higher resolution than the last post. @Marsnoop

20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_01.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_02.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_09.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_11.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_12.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_13.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_14.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_15.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_16.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_17.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_18.jpg 20191104_ALESSANDRA_AMBROSIO_19.jpg Harper'sBazaar_Dec_Cover_WEB.jpg

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I really laughed a lot when I saw ss last shoots, the absurdity of bathing in fashion clothes, but frankly that is stupid enough to invent such idiocy, we did not see this kind of nonsense in the 80s and 90s, really a nonsense, frankly guys try at least to make editorials coherant, even more when you have to photograph a model as pretty as' Alessandra .

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