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  1. Ain’t no laws when drinking claws
  2. There is also a location in LA. Which is where I think she lives primarily.
  3. To me, they are the most adorable couple ever and seem very genuine. So happy for them!
  4. Lol let’s not even address this person and maybe they’ll disappear.
  5. my apologies didn’t read the twenty weeks pregnant part. Secondly I was trying to make a light hearted joke. Like relax.
  6. Does anyone else find it funny that her kid will be “corona baby”
  7. I would love if Tropic C expanded into lingerie.
  8. {name}


    Does anyone know where I can find work from early in her career like 1998-2002. Most of the links in first 30 pages of this forum are expired.
  9. She is the perfect model to have in SI. Can’t wait
  10. {name}


    You do need to be an American to have a America passport. She mostly likely has duel-citizenship as she could have become an American citizen after she married Tom Brady.
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