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  1. No Text/Less Text Adds to @Shepherd post:
  2. bobsapp


    alessandraambrosio - bouncy no bra laud - anjaisrad - download.mp4
  3. I don't follow much of the business side of what Ale does, but I assume with her company that the income of owning boutique swimwear brand vs modelling is vastly different and affords her to spend more time with family instead of the hustle and bustle of travelling a bunch for runway and other fashion shoots, thus likely wanting to be more present for her family especially her children growing up (Anja is 11 and Noah is 7 already). I'd guess the demand for a 38 year old fashion model and the rates she's used to charging have changed drastically over past several years. And she likely does shoo
  4. Your picture isn't showing and 404ing.
  5. HD non-scan adds to @shepard's post: Source: http://madame.lefigaro.fr/style/alessandra-ambrosio-ce-shooting-avec-mes-enfants-nous-fera-un-si-joli-souvenir-061219-178607
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    alessandraaambrrosio - dance bounce - iamrenato_80568943_210214339992101_3383424373670712773_n.mp4 Playful dancing for the Gal Floripa Store opening - from @iamrenato IG story
  7. Not yet If I come across them I'll post again. 2nd one looks more like a capture from a video rather than a photo IMHO. Then again everything looks really weird in low light underwater photography so who knows. Technically they should have a full frame version of this preview out... but it's unclear as where or when the full version might be posted. According to the editorial article the videographer was Vladimir Zelenskiy (Vladimir Zelenskii, not to be confused with Ukraine President). But this guy https://vimeo.com/zelenskiy. If I come across it I'll updat
  8. HQ Updates and Adds for EARTH MOTHER editorial by Yulia Gorbachenko for Harper's Bazaar Arabia
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