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Bar Refaeli


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Lil' translation of the German Passionata-site

Bar Refaeli + Passionata

Since three years is Bar Refaeli, with her killer kurves, a modern Bardot for the brand Passionata. Now, she has designed a Capsule-collections for the French-Lingerie brand for the first time.

What is it that we love about Bar Refaeli at Gala.de? She has simply a amazing figure, is not tu skinny, and it’s just great to look at her.

‘Every time I fall in love with the new designs from Passionata. I love to set new goals. The idea to design a new exclusive line to this glamourous brand was very exciting!’ Bar explains about her work for Passionata. ‘ I wanted go give every piece a part of me, casual but also sexy’

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OMG!!!! I wasn't expected to see so many fabulous pictures of Bar having such a good time in Portofino dressed in that very sexy blue bikini! :drool:

Thanks bigmax, KA, katchitup, dawson, for all the gorgeous treats! :wave: The more I look at Bar's figure, the more I think she looks better and better with time. I hate her for looking so terrific... :laugh:

Here is another link of her boat-swimming pictures.


BTW, Marco Tronchetti Provera is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pirelli and is married to her good friend Afef Jnifen.

Thanks wijn, for the Passionata article. :wave:

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I love Bar and love the fact that she is working more now too. But all the same, just it seems she is vacationing every single day! There's no a month that we don't have a pic of hers somewhere out there partying with friends. I'm trying not to criticize her, but beauty is not for forever. Most of models in her age are taking advantage of their youth to work a lot, mainly models, who can't work for all life. She has whole life ahead to do want she wants!

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C'Mon Bar... you go away for so long, how can you possibly travel light? :laugh:

Thanks for more links to pictures, Kat, Wijn and andre! :wave:

I think pink suits her very well. Don't you think?



I don't know why but I think these older "kissing photos" taken in the middle of a street in Milan have always had a great appeal.





I hope we'll see Bar again looking so carefree and in love with someone in the future! :) Now she is enjoying herself, her friends and her vacations! :p

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Thanks for the new pics Kerri and Kat :flower:

She looks just like a princess in the Escada pics :)

And yeah- her body has improved a lot lately, her belly is just not fair :p

And I agree on her working more, it would be nicer for us,

but if she prefers to travel the world, why wouldn't she?

It's not like she needs the money :)

She looks really happy right now, and that's what matters most to me :p

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