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  1. http://instagram.com/shitmodelmgmt They are posting some interesting name & shame in their stories today. You should check it out.
  2. Happy belated new year, everyone. After all these years, the last few pages felt unreal. Did not anticipate someone/her getting hurt by this, or rather that she displays this kind of personal insight. But yeah, it's her livelihood for all I know.
  3. jj3 for president She looks amazing. ... I don't know what else to say.
  4. ... I have to ask: did she have work done? They look so big.
  5. She looks so great in the latest pics. Thanks for sharing, Shepherd and jj3!
  6. Has anyone ever seen a normal/full pics of her in that outfit? It's really sexy.
  7. Btw, random bit of "gossip". Anybody checking their "follows' likes and actions" on IG from time to time? I sometimes do that and noticed she seems to unfollow and re-follow the rikers brothers account. From what I remember she was/is in a relationship with one of them (IG posts around last christmas() So what I'm saying is that we've got some soap opera action going on here. Somebody needs to get TMZ on the details asap.
  8. Totally getting some kind of sex game/roleplay thing from that. Kind of a new line she crossed. Unless it's a takeout from a shoot for very sexy lingerie. I don't know. And it looks really good.
  9. This looks really good Thanks for sharing, jj3
  10. That is actually a really cool picture imho. But I really love this snuggly cute one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCm7ABwSfLO/?taken-by=angelcandices
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