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I'm not sure whether that thread belongs to this section but that seemed the most relevant one to me, correct me if i'm wrong :ninja:

Anyways i'm thinking about getting a rapidshare membership but there are only to ways to do so: paypal or inet-cash. I never heard of the second option, hence i was gonna use paypal but i just read some really bad stuff about it on the internet so i'd like to have opinions of paypal users to see if it's reliable and if they've ever had problems with it. Thanks to the ppl who will answer me :)

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I used to have an account when I was on Ebay, alot of people have them, I used to get spoof emails ALOT from fake places that were trying to get the info. from my account, it freaked me out, Plus if you go to long without using it they make you fax a copy of your drivers license to them, I wasnt going to do that so I quit, I know along with Ebay. Paypal also take a percentage of your transaction I dont know if that is with everything they do, it was very easy to transfer and receive money, but I would be a little leary they dont seem like the safest sight just my 2 cents.

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