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Watching right now


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^ in a way but theres a "what was the last movie you watched" a "what are you listening to" and a "what are you reading right now" thread in all there allocated forums. *shrugs* i was gonna make one of these at one point

annywaay im watcching mythbusters.. or im about to anyway

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40 year old virgin. I like it even more than I did in the theatre. :D :D :D

its a television show too now?! wrong thread emo!

<_< Hey, there are no limitations set to what you can be watching.

Right now I'm watching paint dry.

You are forever going to refer to me as emo now, aren't you? :blink:

well its in the tv areaaa so umm :whistle: and im watching that crappy WB ghostbusting show.. you know with the 2 hot guys and the desaturated very blue film tinting... <_<. wheres the remote

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