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Avatar and Signature Request Thread

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Ok so I found something quickly :D

this vid for the avi

I like the part from 00.49 to 00.53 please :D

for the siggy could you put these pics together? and write this one the siggy: How you turned my world, you precious thing


post-13181-1201129065_thumb.jpg post-13181-1201129159_thumb.jpg

again please take your time - there is no rush and I can wait :flower: Thank you :)

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Ok I've always wanted to say this to VivaLaLima, you always have fabulous gif sets! But the biggest flaw is that you always use avi AND the sig gif! I don't know about anybody else, but I get annoyed by it, I can't concentrate on which one to watch, and it's just tacky, it confuses my vision. It's a lot better to have just an avi gif or a sig gif and the other something nice to match it.


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Could someone please make me a set with Yesica Toscanini to use later? :hehe: :flower:


and also an avi with this video with Yesica when she appears :) I like the part in the forest in the end but I don't mind any other part :idk:

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