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Hi admin,

I just wondered: many of my posts are deleted.

I posted a couple of minutes ago, and now I returned and saw my post was deleted. It was about boybands, and if anyone could help me find mp3s.

I try to do it right, but it never seems to be. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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if your posts are deleted ... does your post count go down?? :p

every time you bump a thread unnececarily an angel dies! :| and yes i mean the sexy lingere wearing kind that i kind of want in heaven when i get there <_<

:cry: it's not true ... it's not true!!

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pfff, they were all going to die due to drug use and cig smoking anyways <_<

I can't believe you're all still on that :whistle:

forget the angels.. you're all going to die because of my thread bumping :evil: :evil:

MWUaaa hahahahaha!!! :evil:

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hahaha that's not adriana, that's a dead fish ! i know the resemblance of the facial expression is uncanny but still, i thought hard-core fans could make the difference :cain: :p (i'm just messin ;) )

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May i just be serious for a moment? I know theres no official rule about bumping old threads but you have to realise how frustrating it is. i navigate BZ thru the "view new posts feature" and since i am studying currently i often only have an hour to look thru everything before i have to return to my work. and having to waste time going into threads which i mistake for new or have useless pip posts in them is frustrating. Yes i know you find it amusing but can you limit it a bit? Theres plenty of active threads where discussions can take place.

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