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Yes I also think that she does not want that anyone would show it in a public thread after she deleted it.

Further we would risk that she will again throw back from social media. I am so happy she now got more open and posts so much the last weeks, also Jim shares so much insights with us. We can be really happy! 😁🥳


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1 hour ago, OhAnna said:

I saved it but didn't post it because I don't know if she would be fine with people reposting since she deleted for a reason.  🤷‍♀️

I wish all models had fans like you, that's how you're supposed to behave, kudos to you!

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6 hours ago, Sheila said:

I wonder Max Mara is still not published, only two pics? Also Marco Polo. I really hope we see her also in other FW campaigns.

I think we’ll get it this month. The Max Mara pics got published in the August issue of Vogue US. 

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Meee also 😃🙃

and she looks so happy and beautiful. Jim loves to take pictures of her , that was last time done by a boyfriend of her when she was with Levin Scholl. And really great that they let us take part if it.

That is an endless summer as it seems, the two love birds are on holiday tour since mid of June.....with short brakes for work.

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How cute is this ? 😊🌻💚

Ph: Jim Kämmerling

titled „Friend“




By the way , they are at an amazing place, love nature and the same way of living, speak the same language. Thought yesterday how amazing would it be, if they would get shoot their summer holiday story for an edit... 🤓😍

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