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  1. Seems like the original post got deleted.
  2. Going through that tumblr I stumbled on this picture and it got me wondering, is that a scar under her left breast?
  3. I think, but I may be wrong, she did intend on publishing it but she got reminded of Instagram's very strict policy on nudity so she decided to delete it so that her account doesn't get blocked or something (many models like Kate Li had their insta account banned for lesser things).
  4. + archiving purposes, now we can see Instagram posts archived here on Bellazon even if they're deleted on Instagram.
  5. It's working now, yeah it's just a glitch probably. Still I think it would be useful if you could download the instagram videos and upload them to Bellazon's servers since many Instagram posts often get deleted.
  6. Your post seems to be broken, it says "The link to this photo or video may be broken, or the post may have been removed." Do you have a backup of it?
  7. I would understand some reasons why @wildestvibe 's work may make sense: it's for archiving purposes, instagram posts come and go and many are deleted. The only things that could satisfy both sides here is if @wildestvibe archived posts from instagram and posted all of them on a per month basis. That way it doesn't cramp up the threads and functions as an archive of those posts.
  8. I know, I was asking under which title he posted it on his patreon page (answer: greelands)
  9. Under what title did he post her pics? I couldn't find them...
  10. [sorry for the double post, please delete this]
  11. Hey @Pith_Possum! I think you forgot to check my last message to you ;)

  12. The video is working fine for me, maybe it's because of your web browser? Hey ⭐️! I wanted to send you a message about something important for me but I couldn't, could you please send me a private message? Thank you so much! / btw sorry for being a bit offtopic here but there was no other way to contact ⭐
  13. It's actually the uncensored version of the cover of the "100 great danes" book. Edit: sorry, posted too late...
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