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FHM's 2006 "Sexiest Women"


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1. Scarlett Johansson

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Jessica Alba

4. Jessica Simpson

5. Keira Knightley

6. Halle Berry

7. Jenny McCarthy

8. Maria Sharapova

9. Carmen Elektra

10. Teri Hatcher

11. Paris Hilton

12. Jennifer Garner

13. Eva Longoria

14. Lindsey Lohan

15. Charlize Theron

16. Jessica Biel

17. Jaime Pressly

18. Beyonce Knowles

19. Katherine Heigl

20. Shakira

21. Vida Guerra

22. Alyssa Milano

23. Cameron Diaz

24. Pamela Anderson

25. Beth Ostrosky

26. Jennifer Lopez

27. Adriana Lima

28. Mariah Carey

29. Anna Benson

30. Shania Twain

31. Mandy Moore

32. Mischa Barton

33. Jenna Jameson

34. Reese Witherspoon

35. Natalie Gulbis

36. Salma Hayek

37. Christina Aguilera

38. Erica Durance

39. Victoria Silvstedt

40. Gwen Stefani

41. Heidi Klum

42. Danica Patrick

43. Jennifer Love Hewitt

44. Eva Mendes

45. Jennifer Aniston

46. Kristin Kreuk

47. Leeann Tweeden

48. Faith Hill

49. Kristin Chenoweth

50. Kelly Clarkson

51. Rachel Mc Adams

52. Estella Warren

53. Brooke Burke

54. Elisha Cuthbert

55. Gretchen Bleiler

56. Alessandra Ambrosio

57. Tera Patrick

58. Hilary Duff

59. Uma Thurman

60. Landi Swanepoel

61. Natalie Portman

62. Morgan Webb

63. Sienna Miller

64. Lauren Harris

65. Alicia Keys

66. Kate Hudson

67. Mayra Veronica

68. Megan Fox

69. Kate Bosworth

70. Kristanna Loken

71. Rachel Ray

72. Penelope Cruz

73. Evangeline Lilly

74. Amy Smart

75. Elizabeth Hurley

76. Petra Nemcova

77. Ashley Judd

78. Kate Beckinsale

79. Lucy Liu

80. Malin Akerman

81. Kelly Ripa

82. Catherine Zeta Jones

83. Gisel Bundchen

84. Amanda Righetti

85. Anne Hathaway

86. Ziyi Zhang

87. Amanda Peet

88. Fergie

89. Denise Richards

90. Katie Holmes

91. Sarah Burke

92. Amanda Beard

93. Linda Cardellini

94. Sarah Michelle Gellar

95. Olivia Wilde

96. Ana Beatriz Barros

97. Vanessa Marcil

98. Heather Graham

99. Naomi Watts

100. Josie Maran

I saw the list from 100-1. I saw Vanessa Marcil at 97, and was instantly disgusted.

your thoughts?

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im glad all of you are as WTF-ish like me haha. That list is seriously messed up. I mean I do think Scarlett johansson is attracive, but she'd be in the bottom 50 IF I included her in my top 100.

I never heard of about 20-25 of them, and thats messed up. I can't believe Rosa Blasi and or Roseyln Sanchez didnt make it.

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at least it's better than the People most beautiful list. it makes no sense how someone can be your cover person one year, and not be on the list the next year. they didn't really get so much less beautiful, they just didn't have any hit movies or something.

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they should change the list as; ''who was in headlines most-2006''

I only agree with Jessica A. and Angelina's rank.Thanks God,J.Simpson is under them or I'd be really confused.

i think so too. i wonder what goes into this list. i wonder if they take surveys from people, and run an average or something. even then that'd suck.

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