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^Interview Magazine party, Purple magazine party, TriBeCa Rouge(not exactly sure what the party was called maybe it was one of the parties i already listed) and Calvin Klein. And who knows what else.. It's posted on the other thread. :flower:

I missed some of these :p. First I thought the magazine's party was part of the fashion week, but then I saw it was only the release of the cover with Naomi... I was really confused or I am :laugh:.

Hope they are having fun :heart:.

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So Toni was spotted on a citibike with her friend just now.... shows she actually likes biking ;)


Haven't seen/ heard him sighted with Kevin Connolly in the longest while!!!!! I guess he's got his own thing going on in the West Coast... that's where he seems to be situated most of the time judging from his twitter... he's my fav Leo friend lol

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Filed Under: Oscar Contenders
Will Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street' Move to 2014?
Might Paramount follow the lead set by Shutter Island
By: Brad Brevet
Published: Monday, September 23rd 2013 at 11:57 AM

wolf-of-wall-street-pictures-feat.jpgI mentioned in my Best Picture Oscar predictions last week that Kris Tapley over at In Contention was suggesting Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street may see its November 15 release date moved and today he's written a piece saying as much while at the same time he wonders "does it go to 2014 or to December?"

The film's darkly comedic tone makes it look like something that may fall out of the Academy's wheelhouse, but at the same time it's Scorsese we're talking about and yet another teaming with Leonardo DiCaprio, which has yielded one Oscar nomination for DiCaprio in the past not to mention a slew of other nominations and wins for their previous collaborations. On top of that, Paramount's Oscar slate is beginning to weaken as Jason Reitman's Labor Day doesn't have a mass of supporters and Alexander Payne's Nebraska feels a little volatile at the moment.

What must also be considered, however, is this is a business and the last time Paramount shuffled a Scorsese and DiCaprio film out of Oscar season that film was Shutter Island and it went on to become Scorsese's second highest grossing domestic release of all-time and #1 worldwide.

Right now Wolf has a pretty nice little slot in the middle of November where it can dominate the adult market for a couple of weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and should the Oscar prospects prove high it may be able to ride a nice little wave through December. Tapley notes, however, the film only just screened for studio execs this weekend and it may contain elements that would receive an NC-17 rating from the MPAA, which clearly would need to be edited out before release. Is a November date even feasible?

One thing is for certain, it's a film many of us are looking forward to, me as much as anyone



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^Oh dear, so its the rating that is gonna come into play? I just finished the book, and it is indeed very dirty, and I can see why it would get an NC-17 rating easy, but I REEEEEEEEALLLY hope Marty can make it work and cut out some stuff to keep it at its release date.


EDIT: Considering though, Leos probably already shot for Nov. covers, and was on the cover of New Yorks cover for the fall preview all about Wolf, so I would think Marty is really gonna have to make it work

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Maybe that's the reason there hasn't been a new trailer since the first one was released months ago (possible push back to 2014)?



Carey Mulligan, Marie Claire mag.


The costumes in this movie are fantastic. How does that impact how you play a character?


Hugely. I've done costume dramas before, but nothing glamorous and nothing so beautiful. You become very precious when you're wearing millions of dollars of rings and pearls and these incredible dresses by Mrs. Prada and by Catherine [Martin]. It made a big difference. And for the other cast [members] as well. I mean, seeing Leonardo [DiCaprio] in a pink suit and realising that he was only man on the planet who could wear a pink suit and look so cool was a moment for all of us!


You got to read with Leonardo DiCaprio for your audition. Can you talk about what that process was like?

It was the craziest audition I've ever done. Usually you walk into an audition and there's a camera and the person and that's it. I walked into a room in Soho - it was a loft - and there was a 3D camera. There was another camera. There was one man holding a handheld camera and there were about two photographers. So it was already like walking into a sort of crazy photo shoot. And Leo played two characters. He played himself and he also played Tom. So he would sit next to me on the sofa during the scene we were doing, say his line as Gatsby, then jump up, stand behind the camera and play Tom. And then jump back down again, and sit. And it was just crazy. And so much fun. It was great, and I loved it. I walked away thinking if nothing else, [at least] I got to do that. I got to act with him and be directed by Baz Luhrmann.



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