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  1. I heard from another fan that there is a ritual in the temples in Cambodia - a monk ties a red thread to everyone on the wrist while a man thinks of the most cherished desire. When the thread breaks itself, the desire to be fulfilled.
  2. New Revenant footage http://thas-fandom.tumblr.com/post/133142279757/the-revenant-trailer-3-you-have-to-fight-as WOW :drool: This looks like an outtake from his Esquire shoot Do you know if this is a new reprint or if this cover came out back from Wolf promo? This is a cover of GQ Russia december 2015. There is another new photo.
  3. Another pic of Tom Hardy's new t shirt with pix of Leo & him on Revenant set from http://kinghardy.tumblr.com/post/130412955057/lmao-toms-shirt-i-love-him-so-much-hes-the
  4. Thanks a lot for all updates! You are the best! LuckyGirl, Is it this one?
  5. Osa, your link doesn't work. But I guess you mean this pic :wub2: https://instagram.com/p/6skYZzFXZP/?tagged=leonardodicaprio Thanks a lot, girls, for all updates!
  6. As far as I remember these pics were taken in august 2012 and were the first pics of him without the beard. I must say THANK YOU VERY MUCH, GIRLS, FOR UPDATES
  7. i may be mistaken, but wasn't this picture originally in colour? thanks all the same!
  8. mz_linz, neonntiger92: http://www.deadline.com/2014/02/the-wolf-of-the-oscars-no-one-knows-whats-going-to-happen-new-interview-with-leonardo-dicaprio/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  9. Great pic from Wolf set. Sorry if it's a repost. THANKS ALL FOR UPDATES!
  10. New pics http://www.justjared.com/2013/10/18/leonardo-dicaprio-raves-about-jonah-hill-improvisation-skills/
  11. Sorry, if this is repost. The Great Gatsby (2013) Visual Effects Before & After Clip.
  12. A short interview with P.J. Byrne, who plays one of Leo's buddies in The Wolf of Wall Street.
  13. I remember, the one with Mel Gibson... but I thought Leo passed the project, it was right after the whole mess with Mel and his wife. Thanks for the info, Talkshowhost. yeah I remember he passed it up at the time due to the bad press, but I don't think Mel is involved anymore, and if I remember correctly not too long ago we heard that he might still be attatched to a viking project of some sort (don't know if it was the same one with Mel or not I don't remember) anyways it would definetly explain it Hope we get some kinda verification soon :)Thanks talkshowhost!
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