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April 12th 2023 • Drifted off to dreamland. Yesterday morning, we hosted bubbles, brunch, and blooms with our guest of honor, @adrianalima, to reintroduce the ethereal classic—Heavenly Eau de Parfum.

Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret [2023.04.12] 1.jpg Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret [2023.04.12] 2.jpg Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret [2023.04.12] m.jpg

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50 minutes ago, ekn said:

Happy Birthday Adriana ❤️

Jerome Duran



OMG Jerome never dissapoints .  But he blocked me years ago for arguing one of the Adriana hater under his post so i can’t see the post. Could you please tell me when is this picture?


Happiest birthday Adriana. Love you…

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@patt Agree, he never missed her BD and always posts an unseen photo. Russell should learn from him…



3 hours ago

Here’s a photo I took of gorgeous @adrianalima as we were roaming around together on the streets of Rio De Janeiro 🇧🇷 c. 2004 Love these times, when shooting on film wasn’t a look on a filter, and the “moment” was truly just that one shot. Love u Adri! 💚💛 Feliz Aniversario! 🎂 Wishing u love and light always 🙏🏼 #theOneAndOnly

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10 hours ago, XSS said:

Her birthday and nothing happened...

adriana stopped posting on her birthday years ago. Unfortunately I think she stopped being comfortable acknowledging her birthday publicly after she became a certain age. 

At the same time though, im not sure what people expect. Adriana was legit bullied for over a year because she got pregnant. We can’t just expect her to move when we want her to move. Yes, her looks have returned back to normal. But are really entitled for her to show that after how she was treated? Be forreal. You can’t just expect her to be everywhere again and sharing herself to us when WE want her to when people gave her a hard time. 


The only reason that I do wish Adriana put herself out there again is because people still think she looks the way she did at that hunger games premiere. She should be showing people, she does NOT look like that anymore and that she has aged gracefully. But, hey that’s her choice. If she is fine with people still thinking she is bigger and thinking she looks the way she did at that hunger games premiere, then thats on her. 

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