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    I see. thank you~
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    I see. Some blogger said that Adriana had endorsed Versace Haute Couture before...so I am really a little exicted but absolutely things go contrary to my wishes. thanks for your help~
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    Hey, I have seen this styling in a magazine insert. Is that possible to be an advertisment for versace?
  4. XSS


    hello, Are you still there? I want to know what are these? advertisments for Versace haute couture?
  5. I see. I want to know more about the fashion brands, like ranking... Could you please simply tell something about that for models, what kinds of endorsement are more important and what is the detailed ranking of HF brands in models industry? thanks
  6. thanks. did she work for Gucci?
  7. thank you so much! It's CK eyewear? it's said that ale used to work for CK jeans ' Alessandra Ambrosio hit pay dirt in 1999 as a “hired gun” on a campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans' . So I want to ensure that. more, did ale work for Fendi ads?
  8. could you please upload the ads of CK again?
  9. could you please upload the ads of Calvin Klein again?
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